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Call for Papers

Special Issue on Smart Cities, Housing, and Community Development Policy

In this special issue, we look at smart cities with a focus on urban development, housing, and community development policy. Researchers are invited to submit abstracts of papers to Housing Policy Debate for inclusion in the issue.  

While definitions of the smart city vary, there seems to be a consensus that it is one where information and communications technologies (ICTs) are employed to effect (mostly) urban conditions. The smart city’s application spans multiple fields ranging from healthcare to higher education to urban planning. With no discipline as the recognized leader of the movement, the smart city has been explored from various perspectives, including governance, technology, security, sustainability, and social equity. In urban planning, its many aspects are examined in the discipline’s subfields such as transportation, land use, housing, and community engagement. As a new urban development paradigm, the smart city promises to alleviate several challenges that plague cities. How should it solve problems in housing affordability, availability, quality, production, and preservation and neighborhood revitalization? This special issue will include articles that will inform future policy on smart city development, in the context of housing and community development related topics.

Papers may report primary research, literature review, or essays. The issue is planned to be published in 2019 and will be co-edited by Tom Sanchez and Mahtot Gebresselassie of Virginia Tech. Abstracts will be reviewed by the editors, who will invite selected authors to develop full papers, which will be submitted to HPD’s standard peer-review process. The following is a list of suggested topics, although papers on related subjects are welcome.


Housing Policy Debate

Table of Contents for Housing Policy Debate. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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  • How do smart cities address the affordable housing crisis?
  • To what extent are smart city policies being implemented in municipalities?
  • What smart city initiatives are being considered in municipalities as part of community development?
  • In the housing sector, what relevant smart city policies exist?
  • The shared economy is the economic backbone of the smart city. How do various municipalities around the world regulate Airbnb and similar platforms to control their impact on affordable housing? A comparative analysis. 
  • What role does big data play in informing housing policy?
  • What does community development look like in the smart city?
  • What role do information and communications technologies (ICTs) play in community development? 
  • What would economic development policy look like in the smart city? How will it be impacted by digital technology?  
  • How can local economic development incorporate smart city elements?
  • What happens when municipalities in a region adopt smart city policies that undermine a regional goal? What can municipalities do to reconcile municipal and regional priorities in the smart city policy and governance? 
  • There are various definitions of what the smart city. What effect will this have on smart city policy development at local, regional, and national levels?
  • How do information and communications technologies (ICTs) facilitate/affect policy-making in smart cities? How can citizens be involved in smart city policy-making?
  • Do smart technologies play a role in reducing housing costs, such energy and water?
  • How will sense of community differ in the smart city?  
  • How might housing policy mitigate a possible unintended consequence of autonomous vehicles in encouraging low-density urban form?

Submission guidelines

Interested authors must submit an extended abstract to housingpolicydebate@gmail.com by October 31, 2018. The abstract should not exceed 500 words, should include a minimum of five references. By November 30, 2018, the authors whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to submit full papers (6,000 – 7,000 word count) by May 31, 2019 and to present at a day-long symposium to take place during June 2019. Papers submitted past May 31, 2019 may be considered for publication in a later issue. Contact the editor of HPD if you have additional questions (tom.sanchez@vt.edu).

Deadline for Abstract Submission: October 31, 2018

Notification of Abstract Selection: November 30, 2018

Deadline for Full Paper Submissions: May 31, 2019

A Day-long Symposium: June, 2019

Editorial information

  • Guest editor: Tom Sanchez, Virginia Tech
  • Guest editor: Mahtot Gebresselassie, Virginia Tech

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