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Journal of Business Analytics

A short Q&A with our Editor-in-Chiefs

We sat down with our Editor-In-Chiefs, Dursun Delen and Sudha Ram, to ask them a few questions about the Journal of Business Analytics, their experience, what the journal can do for authors researching the subject of business analytics and more. Here is what they had to say.

What is business analytics?

  • Dursun Delen - Business analytics is the art and science of converting data into business insight for faster and more accurate managerial decision making. It can be viewed as the intersection of several disciplines, of which machine learning, operations research, statistics, network science, and information systems are of particular relevance.
  • Sudha Ram - Business analytics research focuses on developing new insights and understanding of an organization to help make decisions for organizations to survive, innovate and grow. Thus, business analytics focuses on predictive and prescriptive analyses as well as computational experiments based on predictions to solve real world problems.

Where was business analytics research being published before the Journal of Business Analytics launch?

  • Dursun Delen - Before the Journal of Business Analytics, analytics related research was published in journals that have traditionally positioned themselves as outlets for articles that contribute to both practice and theory/algorithm of business problems.
  • Sudha Ram - There are many good academic journals that publish research on big data, data science, and related topics in information systems, operations research, and computer science. However, they all tend to publish only a subset of research in the area of business analytics and have only recently started to attract papers in this area. Our goal is to introduce the Journal of Business Analytics as the primary outlet for business analytics.

What was the reason for launching a journal that focussed specifically on business analytics?

  • Dursun Delen - Until the launch of the Journal of Business Analytics, there was no specific outlet for business analytics research results. Hence, the mission of the Journal of Business Analytics is to serve the emerging and rapidly growing community of business analytics both in academia and industry.
  • Sudha Ram - There is no journal that focuses specifically on the entire spectrum of research related to business analytics. Much of the analytics research currently being published does not tend to address real world problems or use real datasets to evaluate and validate the results. Papers are currently spread across so many different journals that there is no one place where people can go to find the latest research on Business Analytics.

Was it a natural next step to become an editor of The Journal of Business Analytics and what other subject areas are you looking forward to the journal covering?

  • Dursun Delen - Yes, it was a natural next step. I have over 30 years’ experience in the subject and before becoming an editor of the Journal of Business Analytics, I served, and am still serving, as editor, senior editor and associate/area editor on several analytically characterised academic journals.
  • Sudha Ram - After 33 years of being in academia, working with many researchers and serving on many conference program committees and journal editorial boards, I am excited about crafting a journal that becomes the premier publication outlet for cutting edge research in business analytics. I would like to grow the editorial board and support papers from researchers and research topics that are being addressed in academia as well as industry.

How will the Journal of Business Analytics use real-world data to show how problems in business analytics can be solved?

  • Dursun Delen - Use of real-data to solve real-world business problems (innovatively and creatively, resulting in some type of best practices) is a critical requirement for publishing in the Journal of Business Analytics. Pure algorithmic development focused on research projects that use simulated/synthetic data, although invaluable, are not suitable for the Journal of Business Analytics, and should be sent to algorithm focused journals.
  • Sudha Ram - We have specifically stated in the Journal’s description that we publish articles that use real world data to solve real world problems in an innovative manner. We would like to see articles that specifically address an interesting research problem, collect and/or repurpose multiple types of data sets, develop and evaluate methods to solve the problem in a new and different way.

How is the Journal of Business Analytics looking to address business problems in a new and innovative way?

  • Dursun Delen - Business analytics is perhaps the most critical enabler for businesses to survive and thrive in this stiff global marketplace, where evidence-based decisions (and subsequent actions) are driven from data and analytics modelling. We want to focus specific real world data and problems, something that hasn’t been done in this area to this extent before.
  • Sudha Ram - We want researchers to think beyond applying traditional statistical or machine learning methods. Papers submitted to the journal need to address how they identify an existing or new real world problem, develop new methods that may, for instance, combine machine learning with network science and evaluate these methods using experiments to empirically to evaluate the solution.

What’s the benefit of publishing in the Journal of Business Analytics rather than in another related journal?

  • Dursun Delen - The Journal of Business Analytics is the natural outlet for research papers that deal with solving business problems with data and analytics methods and methodologies. As opposed to forcing their research papers into journals that are tangent to the topic of business analytics, they can send it to where it will have a natural fit, and will be reviewed by experts specialised in this field.
  • Sudha Ram - Since this journal is focused exclusively on business analytics, all the papers in each issue will be directly addressing this topic. We intend for this journal to be the place to find the latest research on this topic. By having a quick turnaround, we aim to publish papers and showcase research that is very contemporary.

What support can you give authors and researchers who are looking to publish?

  • Dursun Delen - We will do our best to have an author’s paper reviewed in a timely manner by experts specialised in the topic your research is contributing to. The goal of the journal is to provide authors with a pleasant experience defined by a fast and constructive review cycle.
  • Sudha Ram - We are happy for authors to contact us directly to discuss the suitability of their paper. They may consider sending us a 2-5-page summary of their research so we can provide quick, constructive feedback regarding fit and advice on positioning the paper.

How can someone who is looking to publish in the Journal of Business Analytics go about doing so?

  • Dursun Delen & Sudha Ram - Should an author want to find out more about The Journal of Business Analytics they can review our Aims and Scopes and Instructions for Authors page on our Journal website. To prepare and submit a paper they can go to our submissions portal which can also be found at the top of the website.

Journal of Business Analytics

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  • Dursun Delen, Editor in Cheif - Oklahoma State University, USA 

  • Sudha Ram, Editor in Cheif -  The University of Arizona, USA 

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