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Barry Hindess 1939-2018

Economy and Society

Readers of Economy and Society, will be greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Barry Hindess. Barry, who died on 19 May 2018 at the age of 78, was a leading figure in the early years of Economy and Society and – in more than one sense – a critical voice in some of the key intellectual debates with which the journal has been associated since its foundation. His piece on ‘The “phenomenological” sociology of Alfred Schutz’ opened the journal’s inaugural issue and fired a salvo against the precepts of ‘a humanistic social science and history which are nothing but special kinds of story-telling’ (Hindess, 1972, p. 1). Hindess had also co-founded, in 1971, the journal Theoretical Practice; together with Tony Cutler, Paul Hirst and Athar Hussain, his work was central to the development of British Althusserianism at this time, to its stringently theoretical analysis of both social formations and political problems and to its dissension from the Marxian orthodoxies of the day.

Those who knew, worked with and were taught by Barry Hindess experienced his intellectual depth and generosity; his clarity, rigour and persistence in reading and thinking through texts and arguments; his penetrating mode of critique; his readiness for debate and his openness to self-criticism. The journal has lost one of its founding members, a pivotal intellectual figure in the re-thinking of the politics of the left and a long-time friend.

To read the full eulogy please click here: 'In memoriam: Barry Hindess'

Also, in honor of Barry we have made his article 'The Althusserian moment and the concept of historical timefree access for the entirety of 2018.


Hindess, B. (1972). The ‘phenomenological’ sociology of Alfred Schutz. Economy and Society, 1(1), 1-27. doi: 10.1080/03085140601089812

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