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Accounting and Business Research

International Accounting Policy Forum Special Issues and Video Webcasts

Accounting and Business Research is delighted to publish an annual special issue: The International Accounting Policy Forum following the ICAEW’s Information for Better Markets Conference and PD Leake lectures.

These conferences are annual highlights in the international accounting community and provide a highly reputed forum for exchanges between accounting academics, practitioners and regulators. Accounting and Business Research is pleased to serve as the platform to disseminate the research and opinions of thought leaders in the international accounting community.

We have partnered each IAPF Special Issue volume or article with the link to the corresponding webcasts on the ICAEW’s site.


IFBM Conferences

YearTitleWebcastVolume (Issue)
2019Financial ScandalsIFBM Conference 2018 webcasts49 (5) [forthcoming]
2018Corporate ReportingIFBM Conference 2017 webcasts48 (5)
2017Private company financial reportingIFBM Conference 2016 webcasts47 (5)
2016Accounting for M&A: strategy, management and financial reportingIFBM Conference 2015 webcasts46 (5)
2015Capital: reporting, regulation and resource allocationIFBM Conference 2014 webcasts45 (4)
2014Reporting financial performanceIFBM Conference 2013 webcasts44 (4)

PD Leake Lectures

2018Craig Lewis The use of textual analysis in corporate reporting (Forthcoming)
Watch the webcast
2017Christian LeuzEvidence-based policymaking: promise, challenges and opportunities for accounting and financial markets research
Watch the webcast
2016Paolo QuattroneEmbracing ambiguity in management controls and decision-making processes: On how to design data visualisations to prompt wise judgement
Watch the webcast
2015Ray BallIFRS – 10 years later
Watch the webcast
2014Richard BarkerConservatism, prudence and the IASB's conceptual framework
Watch the webcast