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As an open-access, peer-reviewed, international journal, we are committed to fostering a global community of researchers, academics, practitioners, and stakeholders dedicated to this crucial mission. Our journal serves as a dynamic platform for disseminating cutting-edge research and insights into outbreak management, response strategies, emerging diseases, pandemics, preparedness, and disease investigations. Our mission to create a healthier, safer world, where the collective wisdom of the global research and medical community leads the way in confronting infectious diseases. Together, we aim to protect and enhance the health of communities worldwide.

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                Meet the editor

                Vasso is a world-renowned researcher who has been recognised with >100 awards including the Premier’s Award for Medical Research, Young Australian of the Year (Vic), Greek Australian of the Year, Woman of the Year, Greek Woman of the World, Commander of the Order of the Phoenix.

                Vasso was the first to co-develop a method of targeting dendritic cells to stimulate the immune system in the early 1990s, which today, targeting dendritic cell receptors for vaccines is used by hundreds of labs around the world. These studies led to >25 phase I, II, III human clinical trials of vaccine formulations for breast & ovarian cancer. Of note, one of the studies now has long-term follow-up data showing that 25 years later those injected with the vaccine remain cancer free. She has developed vaccines for MS which is currently in phase I human clinical trial, and has developed vaccines in pre-clinical settings against type-1 diabetes, drug addiction and mental health related issues.

                With the outbreak of COVID-19 she has been active in developing drugs against the virus. Amongst her current interests are to prevent and quickly manage future outbreaks and pandemics. Vasso has published >500 papers and is an inventor on 20 patents.

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