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Most Read Collection from The Operational Research Society

We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from The Operational Research Society's 6 publications, published by Taylor & Francis. 

Each featured article is free to view exclusively via this page, and we'll be updating the collection again next year, so bookmark the page for more Most Read Research!

Journal of the Operational Research Society
Key performance indicators for successful simulation projects
Mohsen Jahangirian, Simon J E Taylor, Stewart Robinson, Terry Young
Optimising police dispatch for incident response in real time
Johanna Leigh, Lisa Jackson, S. J. Dunnett, Sarah Dunnett
A comparison of Olympic and Paralympic performances
David Percy
Efficiency in education
Emmanuel Thanassoulis, Jill Johnes, Maria Portela
Efficient global optimisation for black-box simulation via sequential intrinsic Kriging
Jack P. C. Kleijnen
Journal of Business Analytics
Research challenges and opportunities in business analytics
Sudha Ram
Defining business analytics: an empirical approach
C. Heavin, Ciara Heavin, Daniel J. Power, J. McDermott, M. Daly, mary Daly
From analytics to artificial intelligence
Thomas H. Davenport
Classifying facts and opinions in Twitter messages: a deep learning-based approach
Jun Liu, Ronghua Shan, Shuyuan Deng, Swayambhu Chatterjee, Wu Jiao
Analysing forward-looking statements in initial public offering prospectuses: a text analytics approach
Amit Deokar, Ashutosh Deshmukh, Jie Tao
European Journal of Information Systems
Design science research genres: introduction to the special issue on exemplars and criteria for applicable design science research
Björn Niehaves, Ken Peffers, Tuure Tuunanen
Philosophy and information systems: where are we and where should we go?
Bernd Stahl, John Mingers, Nik R. Hassan
User response to mandatory IT use: a coping theory perspective
Amy J. Connolly, Anol Bhattacherjee, Christopher J. Davis, Neset Hikmet
Are social bots a real threat? An agent-based model of the spiral of silence to analyse the impact of manipulative actors in social networks
Benjamin Cabrera, Björn Ross, Florian Brachten, German Neubaum, Laura Pilz, Stefan Stieglitz
Directions for research on gender imbalance in the IT profession
Jan vom Brocke, Jenine Beekhuyzen, Elena Gorbacheva, Jörg Becker
Journal of Simulation
Strengthening the reporting of empirical simulation studies: Introducing the STRESS guidelines
Bhakti Stephan Onggo, Christine S. M. Currie, Martin Kunc, S Robinson, S J E Taylor, Simon J. E. Taylor, Stewart Robinson, Thomas Monks
Ciw: An open-source discrete event simulation library
Asyl L. Hawa, Geraint I. Palmer, P R Harper, Paul R. Harper, Vincent A. Knight
Special issue on advances in system dynamics modelling from the perspective of other simulation methods
John D. W. Morecroft, Martin Kunc, Sally Brailsford
Quantitative analysis of a conceptual system dynamics maintenance performance model using multi-objective optimisation
Amos H.C. Ng, Tehseen Aslam, Amos H. C. Ng, Gary Linnéusson
Input uncertainty in stochastic simulations in the presence of dependent discrete input variables
Bahar Biller
Health Systems
Static and dynamic appointment scheduling to improve patient access time
Corine Laan, Jan Olsman, Richard J. Boucherie
A systematic literature review of operational research methods for modelling patient flow and outcomes within community healthcare and other settings
Martin Utley, Naomi J. Fulop, Ryan Palmer
Multi-disciplinary planning in health care: a review
I. A. Bikker, I. M. H. Vliegen, R. J. Boucherie, A. G. Leeftink
Operational research techniques applied throughout cancer care services: a review
I. A. Bikker, I. M. H. Vliegen, R. J. Boucherie, A. G. Leeftink
Waiting time-based staff capacity and shift planning at blood collection sites
K. van den Hurk, N. M. van Dijk, S. P. J. van Brummelen, W. L. de Kort
Knowledge Management Research & Practice
Mapping knowledge risks: towards a better understanding of knowledge management
Malgorzata Zieba, Susanne Durst
Knowledge sharing behaviour within organisations; a diary-based study of unplanned meetings between researchers
Marko Torkkeli, Mathieu Weggeman, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek
Explicit and tacit knowledge conversion effects, in software engineering undergraduate students
Brenda L. Flores-Rios, Felix F. Gonzalez-Navarro, Guillermo Licea-Sandoval, Maria Angelica Astorga-Vargas
How do team conflicts impact knowledge sharing?
Adarsh Kakar
Knowledge management methodology for identifying threats in maritime/logistics supply chains
Dimitrios Apostolou, Dimitris Apostolou, Eleni-Maria Kalogeraki, Nineta Polemi, Spyridon Papastergiou