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Special Issue: Ornithology of New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific Islands

Emu - Austral Ornithology

Emu – Austral Ornithology is the premier journal for ornithological research and reviews related to the Southern Hemisphere and adjacent tropics. The journal has a long and proud tradition of publishing articles on many aspects of the biology of birds, particularly their conservation and management. Emu is for professional ornithologists, research scientists, resource managers, students and amateurs interested in any aspect of the biology and management of birds. Emu – Austral Ornithology is published on behalf of BirdLife Australia.

New Guinea and the Pacific Islands: One of the world’s major natural laboratories for the study of evolution and ecology

This special issue of Emu – Austral Ornithology reaffirms that the tradition of ornithological research in New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean thrives and can help address critical regional issues in conservation and ecological management.

Some of the central topics covered by the articles in this issue include: Faunistics, systematics and biogeography, Community ecology, The region’s iconic birds, Colonisation ecology, Research centres and conservation, and Indigenous ornithologists of New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Volume 119, 2019 - Issue 3

Guest Editor: Leo Joseph

All articles in the special issue are free to read via this page until 31 December 2019. Bookmark now for easy access later.
Paul Igag
We dedicate this issue to the late Paul Igag

One of Papua New Guinea’s finest ornithologists and that country’s first university-qualified researcher. The special issue includes a paper on the conservation biology of three large parrot species (Igag et al. 2019) derived from his Masters thesis at Australian National University, the paper here assembled for publication by his supervisory team of Andrew Mack, Robert Heinsohn and Sarah Legge.

Ornithology of New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific Islands: introduction to the special issue of Emu – Austral Ornithology and a dedication to Paul Igag
Leo Joseph, Robert Heinsohn & Andrew Mack
Breeding biology of three large, sympatric rainforest parrots in New Guinea: Palm Cockatoo, Pesquet’s Parrot and Eclectus Parrot
Paul Igag, Andrew L. Mack, Sarah Legge & Robert Heinsohn
Diversification of Petroica robins across the Australo-Pacific region: first insights into the phylogenetic affinities of New Guinea’s highland robin species
Anna M. Kearns, Leo Joseph, Aude Thierry, John F. Malloy, Maria Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez & Kevin E. Omland
Ultraconserved elements resolve genus-level relationships in a major Australasian bird radiation (Aves: Meliphagidae)
Michael J. Andersen, Jenna M. McCullough, Nicholas R. Friedman, A. Townsend Peterson, Robert G. Moyle, Leo Joseph & Árpád S. Nyári
Unrecognised (species) diversity in New Guinean passerine birds
Knud Andreas Jønsson, Andrew Hart Reeve, Mozes P. K. Blom, Martin Irestedt & Petter Zahl Marki
Convergent melanism in populations of a Solomon Island flycatcher is mediated by unique genetic mechanisms
J. Albert C. Uy, Elizabeth A. Cooper & Jaime A. Chaves
Reed warblers in the Marquesas Islands: song divergence and plumage convergence of two distinct lineages
Alice Cibois, Jean-Claude Thibault, Nicholas R. Friedman, Kevin E. Omland, Laure Desutter-Grandcolas, Tony Robillard & Eric Pasquet
Aberrantly plumaged orioles from the Trans-Fly savannas of New Guinea and their ecological and evolutionary significance
Leo Joseph, Gaynor Dolman, Bulisa Iova, Knud Jønsson, Catriona D. Campbell, Ian Mason & Alex Drew
Social organisation and breeding biology of the White-shouldered Fairywren (Malurus alboscapulatus)
Erik D. Enbody, Jordan Boersma, John Anthony Jones, Matthew W. H. Chatfield, Serena Ketaloya, Doka Nason, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Jenny Hazlehurst, Olivia Gowen, Hubert Schwabl & Jordan Karubian
The conservation value of secondary vegetation for Fijian woodland birds
Elizabeth Reid, Alivereti Naikatani, Gunnar Keppel & Sonia Kleindorfer
Increased sexual dimorphism in dense populations of Olive-backed Sunbirds on small islands: morphological niche contraction in females but not males
Darren P. O’Connell, David J. Kelly, Seán B. A. Kelly, Síofra Sealy, Adi Karya, Kangkuso Analuddin & Nicola M. Marples
No evidence for a positive correlation between abundance and range size in birds along a New Guinean elevational gradient
Benjamin G. Freeman
A review of evolutionary research on birds of the New Guinean savannas and closely associated habitats of riparian rainforests, mangroves and grasslands
Leo Joseph, K. D. Bishop, Christopher A. Wilson, Scott V. Edwards, Bulisa Iova, Catriona D. Campbell, Ian Mason & Alex Drew

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