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Open Select gives you the option to make your paper open access in one of our 2,300+ subscription journals. Through Open Select, you have a huge choice of subjects and disciplines, so the list below is a great place to start your search and find the journal that best suits your work.

2018 Impact Factor 1.457

Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology provides a global forum for scholarly articles on the social patterns of ill-health and disease transmission, and experiences of and knowledge about health, illness and wellbeing. These include the nature, organization and movement of peoples, technologies and treatments, and how inequalities pattern access to these.

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2018 Impact Factor 1.406

History and Anthropology

History and Anthropology is a peer reviewed journal that continues to address the intersection of history and social sciences, focusing on the interchange between anthropologically-informed history, historically-informed anthropology and the history of ethnographic and anthropological representation.

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2018 Impact Factor 1.138

Ecology of Food and Nutrition

Ecology of Food and Nutrition emphasizes foods and food systems not only in terms of their utilization to satisfy human nutritional needs and health, but also to promote and contest social and cultural identity. The content scope is thus wide -- articles may focus on the relationship between food and nutrition, food taboos and preferences, ecology and political economy of food, the evolution of human nutrition, changes in food habits, food technology and marketing, food and identity, and food sustainability.

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2018 Impact Factor 1.095

Anthropology & Medicine

Anthropology & Medicine is dedicated to publishing papers that examine medicine, health and illness in an anthropological context. This broad field reflects the journal’s commitment to interdisciplinary research on the interrelationship between culture and health.

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Asian Anthropology

Asian Anthropology is editorially based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, but welcomes contributions from anthropologists and anthropology-related scholars throughout the world with an interest in Asia.

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Plains Anthropologist

Plains Anthropologist publishes manuscripts with a focus on anthropological theory, method, and practice as it pertains to the Great Plains in all categories (articles, reports, short contributions, and comments) that synthesize, integrate, and interpret anthropological knowledge of the Great Plains peoples and cultures.

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