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Open Access Plant Sciences

at Taylor & Francis

We publish a wide range of plant science titles covering fields including plant ecology, botany, phycology, mycology, and plant pathology. Our Open Access journals in this subject area are a fantastic option for researchers and readers alike.

Publishing under an Open model increases visibility and readership, allowing plant science research to reach policymakers, industry and practitioners. Our range of Open Access journals allows researchers to publish faster, share wider and make an impact beyond the academy.

I encourage you to explore the collection of Open Access titles in this field and discover more about what we can offer the global plant science community.

Hennie Thomson, Portfolio Manager for Plant Sciences

Journal of Plant Interactions

2019 Impact Factor: 2.992 | 5 Year Impact Factor: 2.954 | 2019 CiteScore: 3.5

Journal of Plant Interactions is an international peer-reviewed open access journal publishing research that discusses interactions of plants with their surrounding environment. Now ranked a top 10 journal in the Plant Sciences 2019 JCR.

The journal serves as essential reading for plant biologists, plant physiologists, ecologists, mycologists, microbiologists, agronomists, environmental engineers, and entomologists and encourages submissions of international relevance on the following subjects:

  • Plant-Plant Interaction
  • Plant-Microorganism Interaction
  • Plant-Insect Interaction
  • Plant-Animal Interaction
  • Plant-Environment Interaction
  • Plant-Soil Interaction (including Plant-Water Interaction)

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Applied Phycology

A New Open Access Journal

Applied Phycology is published on behalf of the British Phycological Society.

This international, peer-reviewed journal publishes high quality papers on all aspects of applied phycology covering all algal groups including cyanobacteria. Applied Phycology is a home for primary research papers and state-of-the art reviews. 

We welcome papers covering:

  • Seaweed resources
  • Macroalgal and microalgal aquaculture
  • Integrated aquaculture
  • Applied taxonomy
  • Applied genomics
  • Applied ecology, environmental change and conservation
  • Biofuels
  • Bioactives
  • Bioprospecting
  • Biotech  

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All Life

2019 Impact Factor: 1.273 | 5 Year Impact Factor: 3.093 | 2019 CiteScore: 5.5

All Life is a multidisciplinary, open access journal split into subject-led sections with a common goal to improve life, foster cross-discipline collaboration, and improve reproducibility of research.

The Plant Biology Section of All Life considers Research and Review articles across all topics in plant biology, including but not limited to:

  • Plant Cell Biology and Plant Reproductive Biology
  • Plant and Crop Biochemistry
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Genetics and Genomics
  • Plant Evolution and Development
  • Plant-cell Biotechnology and Crop Biotechnology
  • Plant-abiotic and Plant-biotic Interactions

Please note that All Life has a data-sharing policy that all submitting authors are required to adhere to. Click to learn more.

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GM Crops & Food

2019 Impact Factor: 3.444 | 2019 CiteScore: 5.0

GM Crops & Food - Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Food Chain aims to publish high quality research papers, reviews, and commentaries on a wide range of topics involving genetically modified (GM) crops in agriculture and genetically modified food.

The journal provides a platform for research papers addressing fundamental questions in the development, testing, and application of transgenic crops. The journal further covers topics relating to socio-economic issues, commercialization, trade and societal issues. GM Crops & Food aims to provide an international forum on all issues related to GM crops, especially toward meaningful communication between scientists and policy-makers.

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Plant Production Science

2019 Impact Factor: 1.696 | 5 Year Impact Factor: 1.633 | 2019 CiteScore: 2.5

Plant Production Science is an open access journal publishing original research reports on field crops and resource plants, their production and related subjects

The journal covers a wide range of sciences including physiology, biotechnology, morphology, ecology, cropping system, production technology and post harvest management. Studies on plant production with special attention to resource management and the environment are also welcome, as are field surveys on cropping or farming systems.

Articles with a background in other research areas such as soil science, meteorology, biometry, product process and plant protection will be accepted as long as they are significantly related to plant production.

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Official Journal of the Mycological Society of China

Mycology is an international peer-reviewed, open access research publication covering all aspects of fungal biology. Each year, it continuously complies articles into a single volume.

The journal aims to provide a platform to meet the needs of a demanding and growing field, and to serve and engage dialogue between Chinese mycologists and the international community. Mycology publishes papers in all fields of mycology including fungi, fungus-like organisms and lichens. This journal especially welcomes the contributions of taxonomy and systematics, phylogenomics and evolutionary biology, ecology and biodiversity, genetics and molecular biology, genomics and secondary metabolism. Other appropriate subjects for the journal include bioinformatics, morphogenesis, cell biology, fungal biotechnology and new techniques.

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2019 Impact Factor: 1.416 | 5 Year Impact Factor: 1.416 | 2019 CiteScore: 1.8

Mycobiology is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing fundamental and applied investigations on all aspects of mycology and their traditional allies.

The journal publishes open access reports of basic research on fungi and fungus-like organisms, including yeasts, filamentous fungi, lichen fungi, oomycetes, molds, and mushroom. Topics also include molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, metabolism, developmental biology, environmental mycology, evolution, ecology, taxonomy and systematics, genetics/genomics, fungal pathogen and disease control, physiology, and industrial biotechnology using fungi. It is the is the official publication of the Korean Society of Mycology.

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