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Find the perfect home for your research. This portfolio consists of notably indexed, peer-reviewed, fully open access journals and hybrid journals, where you can choose to publish open access; aiming to serve the academic research community, scientific community and practitioner community.

The below journals have various specialties in:

  • Tumor immunology, immunological biomarkers and anticancer therapies with immunotherapies
  • Thermal energy-based disease treatment
  • Antibody research and development
  • Hematological cancers
  • Etiology and treatment for all cancer types
  • All aspects of oncogenesis, tumor progression and therapeutic strategies
  • Molecular basis of cancer

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2019 Impact Factor 5.869
Five-Year Impact Factor 6.255

Oncoimmunology publishes international translational and clinical research into tumor immunology including anticancer therapies and immunotherapies.

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International Journal of Hyperthermia

2019 Impact Factor 3.574
Five-Year Impact Factor 3.594

The International Journal of Hyperthermia publishes peer reviewed research and clinical studies on thermal energy-based disease treatments.

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2019 Impact Factor 4.634
Five-Year Impact Factor 4.981

mAbs publishes antibody research on topics including targets relevant to cancer and immune-mediated disorders, and antibody therapeutics.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma

2019 Impact Factor 2.969
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.570

Leukemia & Lymphoma publishes research on hematological cancers, covering disease biology, novel agents, chemotherapy, pharmacology/pharmacogenomics, ethics and epidemiology.

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Acta Oncologica

2019 Impact Factor 3.701
Five-Year Impact Factor 3.516

Acta Oncologica publishes research into oncology, covering the etiology and treatment for all cancer types as well as experimental and clinical cancer research.

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Molecular & Cellular Oncology

Molecular & Cellular Oncology publishes fundamental, translational and clinical research on all aspects of oncogenesis, tumor progression and therapeutic strategies.

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Cancer Biology & Therapy

2019 Impact Factor 3.659
Five-Year Impact Factor 3.715

Cancer Biology & Therapy publishes articles on the molecular basis of cancer, including translational diagnostic relevance or therapy, reviews, op-ed pieces and meeting reports.

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Nutrition and Cancer

2019 Impact Factor 2.363
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.533

Nutrition and Cancer publishes research on the impact of nutrition on cancer etiology, therapy, and prevention, covering topics like, carcinogenesis, dietetics, and food policies.

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Journal of Chemotherapy

2019 Impact Factor 1.661
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.417

This journal publishes international research on all aspects of antimicrobial and antitumor chemotherapy including anticancer drugs and gene therapy.

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Southern African Journal of Gynaecological Oncology

This journal focuses on all aspects of female cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.

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Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

2019 Impact Factor 1.232
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.318

The journal publishes pediatric research in blood disorders and malignancies, including pharmacology, stem cells, molecular targeting, immune therapies & transplantation.

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