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Find the perfect home for your research. This portfolio consists of notably indexed, peer-reviewed, fully open access journals and hybrid journals, where you can choose to publish open access; aiming to serve the academic research community and scientific community.

The below journals have various specialties in:

  • motor neuron diseases
  • ALS and cognitive decline
  • brain injury
  • understanding and ameliorating stress
  • behavioral, biochemical, or cellular neural function
  • neurosurgery
  • neurology, neuroengineering and neurosciences

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration

2020 Impact Factor 4.092 
Five-Year Impact Factor 4.131

Publishes research into motor neuron diseases, covering all aspect of ALS and frontotemporal dementia.

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Brain Injury

2020 Impact Factor 2.311
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.692

Brain Injury publishes international research on acquired brain injury and impairment relating to basic science, acute medical care, rehabilitation and community re-entry.

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2020 Impact Factor 3.493
Five-Year Impact Factor 4.203

This journal publishes research in physiology, neurobiology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, and behavioural studies on understanding and ameliorating stress.

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Journal of Neurogenetics

2020 Impact Factor 1.250
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.800

Journal of Neurogenetics covers behavioral, biochemical, or cellular neural function, plasticity, or ageing, including unamenable models or C. elegans, Drosophila, mouse, and zebrafish.

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Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

2020 Impact Factor 4.618
Five-Year Impact Factor 4.474

The journal provides expert commentary on the use of drugs and medicines in clinical neurology and neuropsychiatry. It offers accelerated publication.

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British Journal of Neurosurgery

2020 Impact Factor 1.596
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.733

This journal publishes international research on neurosurgery including all aspects of case assessment and surgical practice.

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Neurological Research

2020 Impact Factor 2.448
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.480

Neurological Research publishes research on neurosurgery, neurology, neuroengineering, neurosciences, neuropharmacology, stem cell applications and innovations in related fields.

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Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation

2020 Impact Factor 2.119
Five-Year Impact Factor 2.797

This journal focuses on articles on all aspects of stroke recovery, rehabilitation, activities of daily living and quality of life of stroke patients and their care givers.

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Somatosensory & Motor Research

2020 Impact Factor 1.111 
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.347

This journal accepts human and animal research on neural bases of somatic sensation, somatic motor function, somatic modeling and peripheral and central nervous system.

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2020 Impact Factor 2.020
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.882

CRANIO® publishes clinical research in temporomandibular disorders and sleep medicine; includes myofascial pain and neurodegenerative aspects of sleep disorders.

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Network: Computation in Neural Systems

2020 Impact Factor 1.273
Five-Year Impact Factor 1.531

Publishes theoretical neuroscience research on brain models, neural and synaptic dynamics, consciousness, and biologically inspired artificial intelligence.

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