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Open Access Genetics

at Taylor & Francis

Our genetics portfolio includes a range of journals focusing on specialised fields of genetics such as mitochondrial DNA, RNA and epigenetics. We also publish many journals across the life sciences which link to genetics including journals in developmental biology, plant science, cell biology and more. Through our portfolio, you can find articles on genetic modification of crops and food, genome sequencing, genetic engineering, genome editing techniques and molecular genetics.

Open access publication can enable increased visibility and discoverability as open access articles can be read by anyone around the world. For authors, this greater visibility can result in increased readership and citations, and a chance to make an impact beyond their field. Our open access portfolio offers an outlet for the rapid dissemination of research including journals such as Mitochondrial DNA Part B which provides a valuable resource for reports on the full sequence of mitochondrial genomes. Our wider open select portfolio includes titles such as RNA Biology, Epigenetics, Amyloid, Cell Cycle and GM Crops & Food to name a few.

Explore our genetics journals below to find out more about the journals in our Open Access and Open Select portfolio.

Mitochondrial DNA Part B

Fully Open Access

Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources publishes high quality Mitochondrial DNA Announcement Papers (short reports on whole mitochondrial DNA genomes) and Short Communications. It is the open access sister journal to Mitochondrial DNA Part A.

The journal considers high-quality short communications (mitocommunications) on the following topics:

  • Physical, chemical, and biochemical aspects of mtDNA and proteins involved in mtDNA metabolism, and/or interactions
  • Population genetics, phylogenetics and human evolution that use mitochondrial DNA as a source of evidence for studies
  • Human mitochondrial disorders and the utility of mitochondrial DNA information in medical studies
  • Unique methodological or algorithmic approaches to the analysis of mtDNA data sets.

Explore top-cited articles from the journal here.

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Fully Open Access

Nucleus provides a platform to disseminate cutting-edge research on all aspects of biology of the cell nucleus to bring together a multidisciplinary community of scientists.

This peer-reviewed journal considers high-quality submissions on the following topics:

  • Nuclear structure and dynamics
  • Subnuclear organelles
  •  Chromatin organization
  •  Nuclear transport
  •  DNA replication and DNA damage repair
  •  Gene expression and RNA processing
  •  Nucleus in signaling and development

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Fully Open Access

Prion is the first international peer-reviewed open access journal to focus exclusively on protein folding and misfolding, protein assembly disorders, protein-based and structural inheritance.

The goal of the journal is to foster communication and rapid exchange of information through timely publication of important results using traditional as well as electronic formats. The overriding criteria for publication in Prion are originality, scientific merit and general interest. 

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Does your research cross disciplines?

All Life is a fully open access international multidisciplinary journal, focusing on publishing interdisciplinary research across the broad disciplines in life sciences.

We aim to break down siloed specialisms, bringing together all experts with a common goal to foster better collaboration and information sharing to promote quality research across the life sciences. All Life has a diverse audience, authors should ensure their findings are clearly presented and technical information clearly explained.

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Looking for a different publishing option?

Critical Reviews in Microbiology is an international journal covering all areas of microbiology relevant to humans and animals, including medical and veterinary microbiology, public health and environmental microbiology.
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Why publish open access?

Publishing open access can increase the reach and readership of your research by up to eight times, and create an impact beyond academia. Discover the benefits of open access and find out how you can publish your research open access using our helpful guide.
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F1000 Research

F1000Research is an open research publishing platform for scientists, scholars and clinicians offering rapid publication of articles and other research outputs. All articles benefit from transparent peer-review and the inclusion of all source data.
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