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Directions and Provocations in African Studies 2023

Refreshed for 2023, this article and book chapter collection explores key areas of interest and relevance in African Studies. From vaccine nationalism in Nigeria, to the agency of Amazigh women in Morocco, urban relocation in Ethiopia, and gen Z’s views on environmental issues in South Africa, the highlighted articles and book chapters traverse disciplines and themes. Browse these contributions to investigate new perspectives on Africa: its cultures, economies, politics, challenges, and opportunities.

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The articles below are free to access via this page only until 31st January 2024.

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Humanities & Social Science (Africa Centric)

Article Title Author(s) Name Journal Title Publishing Year
How COVID-19 has affected research productivity in Africa: lessons for the future Olalekan Adekola et al African Geographical Review 2022
Futures Forestalled … for Now: South African Science Fiction and Futurism Alan Muller Current Writing 2022
Lives in Motion: Theorising Mobility in Contemporary Queer African Cinema Wesley Paul Macheso Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies 2022
Do younger generations care more about environmental issues? A comparison of perceptions between Gen Z and Gen X in Jo-hannesburg, South Africa Thapelo Josias Kgomo & Lee-Ann Sade Modley South African Geographical Journal Latest articles
South Africa's Century of Cannabis Politics, 1922-2022 Thembisa Waetjen South African Historical Journal Latest articles

Articles Author(s) Name Journal(s) Title Publishing Year
Vaccine nationalism and the quest for indigenous COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria Kelvin Ashindorbe et al African Identities Latest Articles
The gendered effects of the Covid-19 crisis in South Africa: Evidence from NIDS-CRAM waves 1–5 Daniela Casale & Debra Shepherd Development Southern Africa 2022
Covid-19 and the Return of the State in Africa Siphamandla Zondi Politikon 2021
Challenges of constitutional reform, economic transformation and Covid-19 in Botswana Christian John Makgala & Ikanyeng Stonto Malila Review of African Political Economy 2022
Laughing at the Pandemic: Youth Performance and Digital Humour in Response to Covid-19 in Nigeria Idom Inyabri, Romanus Abh & Eyo Mensah English Academy Review 2021

Articles Author(s) Name Journal(s) Title Publishing Year
‘Waiting for an opportunity'. Future, transit and higher education among Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia Aurora Massa Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Latest articles
The Ethiopia–Eritrea rapprochement: highly personalised and less-institutionalised initiative Amare K. Aweke & Mohammed Seid Third World Quarterly Latest articles
The creeping fashion of ethnicism in the modern Ethiopian politics: Its creation, process, and consequences Biruk Wondimu Chemere Cogent Arts & Humanities 2022
The recent political situation in Ethiopia and rapprochement with Eritrea Amsalu K. Addi et al. African Security Review 2020
Modernisation in isolation: the nature and roots of Eritrea’s defining economic ideology Senai W. Andemariam Critical African Studies 2022
Gimgema: civil servants’ evaluation, power and ideology in EPRDF Ethiopia Mehdi Labzaé Journal of Eastern African Studies 2021

Article Author(s) Name Journal Title Publishing Year
Wangari Maathai's Environmental Bible as an African Knowledge: Eco-spirituality, Christianity, and Decolonial Thought Adriaan van Klinken Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies 2022
eConceptual Analysis and African Philosophy Michael Omoge Philosophical Papers 2022
The contradictions of black consciousness: from Biko to RhodesMustFall Michael Nassen Smith & Claire-Anne Lester Social Dynamics 2022
Decoloniality and the (im)possibility of an African feminist philosophy Dominic Griffiths South African Journal of Philosophy Latest Articles

Article Author(s) Name Journal(s) Title Publishing Year
The Fluidity of Patriarchy: Kinship, Tradition and the Prevention of Gendered Violence in Lugbaraland, Uganda Jeroen Lorist, Mercy T Mbabazi & Eileen Moyer African Studies 2022
Thirty years of Male Daughters, Female Husbands: revisiting Ifi Amadiume’s questions on gender, sex and political economy Siphokazi Magadla, Babalwa Magoqwana & Nthabiseng Motsemme Journal of Contemporary African Studies 2021
Beyond vulnerability and adversities: Amazigh women’s agency and empowerment in Morocco Bochra Laghssaisa & Irene Comins-Mingol The Journal of North African Studies Latest Articles
Slow repair: gender and restorative justice in Zimbabwe Shannon Morreira Anthropology Southern Africa 2022
Art as a Battleground for Struggles Over Politics, Race, Gender and Privilege in Contemporary South Africa Matthias Pauwels Critical Arts 2022

Article Author(s) Name Journal Title Publishing Year
World city making by branding: insights from Cape Town and Johannesburg Sören Scholvin African Geographical Review Latest articles
Special issue editorial: Social innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa David Littlewood et al. Africa Journal of Management 2022
Unwritten city: Abuja in the Nigerian literary imagination Comfort Azubuko-Udah Journal of the African Literature Association 2022
‘A dream come true’? Adolescents’ perspectives on urban relocation and life in condominiums in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Alula Pankhurst et al Journal of Eastern African Studies 2022
‘Navigating Entry and Survival in the City: A Relational Comparison of Migrant Workers and University Students in the City of Durban Nomkhosi Xulu-Gama & Aisha Lorgat South African Review of Sociology 2022

Articles Author(s) Name Journal(s) Title Publishing Year
Generation of change? South African attitudes towards climate change in comparative perspective Benjamin J. Roberts Lovisha Dhoomun et ak Development Southern Africa Latest articles
Geopolitics of climate change-induced conflict and population displacement in West Africa Nsemba Edward Lenshie et al Local Environment 2022
The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security in the Greater Horn of Africa T.K. Seife Politikon 2021
Perceptions of climate change and climate change policies within the tourism sector in Mauritius Lovisha Dhoomun et ak Journal of the Indian Ocean Region 2022
Funding flows for climate change research on Africa: where do they come from and where do they go? Indra Overland et al Climate and Development 2022

Open Access in science and technology

Article/ Book Author(s) Type Publishing Year
Technologies in Decline Zahar Koretsky, Peter Stegmaier, Bruno Turnheim, Harro van Lente Book 2022
Intelligent Circuits and Systems Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot Book 2021
Meaningful Futures with Robots Judith Dörrenbächer, Ronda Ringfort-Felner, Robin Neuhaus, Marc Hassenzahl Book 2022
Applied Artificial Intelligence Robert Trappl, et. al. Article 2023
Systems Science & Control Engineering Professor Zidong Wang, et. al. Article 2023
International Journal of Optomechatronics Chengkuo Lee, et. al. Article 2022

Article/ Book Author(s) Type Publishing Year
Drylands Facing Change Interventions, Investments and Identities Angela Kronenburg García, Tobias Haller, Han van Dijk, Cyrus Samimi, Jeroen Warner e-Book 2022
African Perspectives on Religion and Climate Change Ezra Chitando, Ernst M. Conradie, Susan M. Kilonzo e-Book 2022
Globalization, Environmental Law, and Sustainable Development in the Global South Challenges for Implementation Kirk W. Junker, Paolo Davide Farah e-Book 2021
Flooding in Nigeria: a review of its occurrence and impacts and approaches to modelling flood data Nura Umar, Alison Gray Article 2022
Do needs motivate the exchange of data in transboundary waters? Insights from Africa’s shared basins Patience Mukuyu, Jonathan Lautzea, et. al. Article 2023
Corridors as empty signifiers: the entanglement of Mozambique’s colonial past and present in its development corridors Joshua Kirshner, Idalina Baptista Article 2023

Article/ Book Author(s) Type Publishing Year
Comparative Renewables Policy Political, Organizational and European Fields Elin Lerum Boasson, Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Jørgen Wettestad e-Book 2020
Advances in Carbon Management Technologies Carbon Removal, Renewable and Nuclear Energy, Volume 1 Subhas Sikdar, Frank Princiotta e-Book 2020
Sustainable Energy for All Innovation, technology and pro-poor green transformations David Ockwell, Rob Byrne e-Book 2016
A default nudge in waste management: assessing the impact of explicit consent for unaddressed mail Thijs Endendijk, W. J. Wouter Botzen Article 2023
Pathway to investigate and assess the performance of solar ON-Grid plant Divya Navamani, A. Lavanya, A. Geetha, A. Geetha Article 2022
Mitigating peak load and heat stress under heatwaves by optimizing adjustments of fan speed and thermostat setpoint Zhujing Zhang, Kevin J. Kircher, Yuan Cai, et. al. Article 2023

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Article/ Book Author(s) Type Publishing Year
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults Edward Alan Miller Book 2022
Evaluating the Brain Disease Model of Addiction Nick Heather, Matt Field, Antony Moss, Sally Satel Book 2022
RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information John Mattick, Paulo Amaral Book 2022
Advances and Applications in Bioinformatics and Chemistry Professor Ibon Alkorta, et. al. Article 2023
Cancer Biology & Therapy Dr Jonathan Brody - Oregon, Dr Scott Waldman, et. al. Article 2023
Computer Assisted Surgery Pierre Jannin, et. al. Article 2023

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