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Open Access Animal Science

at Taylor & Francis

Open access publication can enable increased visibility and discoverability as your research can be read by anyone around the world. This greater visibility can result in increased readership and citations, and a chance to make an impact beyond your field. Explore our open access animal science journals below.

Italian Journal of Animal Science

2019 Impact Factor: 1.805 | 2019 CiteScore: 2.1

Italian Journal of Animal Science is an international peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original research, reviews and short communications.

The journal serves as essential reading for animal scientists, technicians and all those who research animal production and encourages submissions of international relevance on the following subjects:

  • Animal derived food quality and safety
  • Animal genetics and breeding
  • Aquaculture, poultry, companion and wild game animals
  • Livestock systems, management and environment
  • Non-ruminant or ruminant nutrition and feeding
  • Production physiology and functional biology of farmed, companions and wild game animals
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal welfare
  • In vitro studies that have an application to farmed livestock

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Journal of Applied Animal Research

2019 Impact Factor: 1.248 | 2019 CiteScore: 2.4

Journal of Applied Animal Research is an international, open access journal publishing articles related to animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, immunology, pathology and animal products.

Papers on cows and dairy cattle, small ruminants, horses, pigs and companion animals are very welcome, as well as research involving other farm animals, aquatic and wildlife species. In addition, manuscripts involving research on other species that is directly related to animal production will be considered for publication. Please note, the journal will not consider any submissions relating to the fur industry or whaling.

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The European Zoological Journal

2019 Impact Factor: 1.656 | 2019 CiteScore: 2.1

The European Zoological Journal (previously Italian Journal of Zoology) is an open access journal devoted to the study of all aspects of basic, comparative and applied protozoan and animal biology at molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, organismal, population, and community-ecosystem level.

Papers covering multiple levels of organization and integrative approaches to study animal form, function, development, ecology, evolution and systematics are welcome. First established in 1930 under the name of Il Bollettino di Zoologia, the journal now has an international focus, reflected through its global editorial board, and wide author and readership.

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Veterinary Quarterly

2019 Impact Factor: 2.341 | 2019 CiteScore: 4.8

Veterinary Quarterly publishes original research and review articles in the field of animal diseases, including the pathophysiology of specific diseases. Predominantly veterinary relevant animal species are covered. Now ranked a top 10 journal in the Veterinary Science 2018 JCR.

The journal publishes research on a range of different animal species and topics including:

  • Economically important species such as domesticated and non-domesticated farm animals, including avian and poultry diseases
  • Companion animals (dogs, cats, horses, pocket pets and exotics)
  • Wildlife species
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment including pharmacology and vaccination

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Animal Cells and Systems

2019 Impact Factor: 1.248 | 2019 CiteScore: 2.4

Animal Cells and Systems is the official journal of the Korean Society for Integrative Biology.

This international, peer-reviewed journal publishes original papers that cover diverse aspects of biological sciences including Developmental Biology, Evolution and Molecular Ecology, Genetics & Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology and Physiology, and Translational Medicine.

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International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine

Format-Free Submissions

International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine is an international peer-reviewed, open access research publication covering all aspects of veterinary science. Each year, it continuously complies articles into a single volume.

The journal aims to publish research that helps advance the theoretical and practical understanding of animal science and medicine. The journal publishes research relevant to any area of the health and management of domestic animals, poultry, aquatic animals, wildlife and related fields including (but not limited to): infectious diseases, epidemiology, disease dynamics, animal medicine, animal welfare, management and hygiene, nutrition and clinical nutrition, surgery, anesthesiology and diagnostic imaging, experimental surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, andrology, teratology, breeding, artificial insemination and dairy science, preventive veterinary medicine, zoonoses and one health, food hygiene and food technology, avian and rabbit diseases, wildlife diseases and management, aquatic animal diseases and aquaculture management, microbiology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and immunology, pathology, histochemistry, clinical pathology and parasitology, forensic medicine and environmental toxicology, pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology, physiology, histology, anatomy and embryology.

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