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COVID-19 and the Switch to Online Therapy Groups

Open Call for Papers

COVID-19 has created numerous challenges globally, including accessing and conducting mental health care services during a time of increased demand. The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy invites papers addressing the unique challenges facing group therapists and their clients as they adjust to new realities of social distancing and facilitating therapy groups. Papers could address a wide variety of topics germane to how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and continues to impact group therapists, group therapy practice, group therapy research, group therapy clients and consumers, and the teaching of group therapy to trainees. Specifically, for best consideration, IJGP invites the following types of papers germane to facilitating (or training others to facilitate) online therapy groups:

  • Original empirical research examining feasibility and other important processes and outcomes of online therapy groups
  • Research-based systematic reviews of existing literature related to online environments and how they influence small group behavior, including therapy groups
  • Research and theory-informed conceptual or case-study papers
  • Scholarly personal narrative grounded in the relevant literatures that articulates a clear agenda for future research
  • Detailed historical accounts of the development of technology in the use of psychotherapy with a specific emphasis on its use in group therapy
  • Detailed research, policy, and theory-informed examination of ethical and social justice issues involved in online group therapy practice
  • Book, video, or webinar reviews related to use of online group therapy technology

There is no deadline for this open call for papers. For questions, please contact the Editor, Jill D. Paquin, [email protected].

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