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One Belt One Road

The One Belt One Road Initiative calls for heavy investments to enhance regional connectivity and has impact on several industries. How does this affect Maritime, Economic, Trade and other various sectors? This collection features some of the latest published research on the One Belt One Road Initiative, including special features from Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Maritime Policy & Management, Social Sciences in China and Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies on the challenges, opportunities and impact of the Belt and Road Initiative. We hope you will find papers in this collection insightful.

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Article TitleAuthor
China in Central Asia: The First Strand of the Silk Road Economic Belt

Asian Affairs
Raffaello Pantucci
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: The Lure of Easy Financing and the Perils of Poor Planning

Asian Affairs
Arif Rafiq
A geo-spatial database about the eco-environment and its key issues in South Asia

Big Earth Data
Ainong Li, Wei Deng, Wei Zhao, Bintao Liu, Jianqiang Zhang, Bo Kong, Xi Nan, Jinhu Bian, Hriday Lal Koirala, Hammad Gilani, Vishwambhar Prasad Sati, Pattiyage I. A. Gomes & Narendra Raj KhanaL
Alibaba’s discourse for the digital Silk Road: the electronic World Trade Platform and ‘inclusive globalization’

Chinese Journal of Communication
Maximiliano Facundo Vila Seoane
The Belt and Road Initiative and the influence of Islamic economies

Economic and Political Studies
W. Travis Selmier II
Synergies between the Belt and Road Initiative and the 2030 SDGs: from the perspective of development

Economic and Political Studies
Ling Jin
Geoinformation monitoring of key queries of search engines, and geotagging photos in the North-Caucasian segment of the tourist route ‘Great Silk Road’

Geo-spatial Information Science
Vladimir S. Tikunov, Vitaly S. Belozerov, Aleksander N. Panin & Stanislav Antipov
One Belt and One Road, China’s Massive Infrastructure Project to Boost Trade and Economy: An Overview

International Critical Thought
Kalim Siddiqui
The Digital Belt and Road program in support of regional sustainability

International Journal of Digital Earth
Huadong Guo, Jie Liu, Yubao Qiu, Massimo Menenti, Fang Chen, Paul F. Uhlir, Li Zhang, John van Genderen, Dong Liang, Ishwaran Natarajan, Lanwei Zhu & Jiuliang Liu
“One Belt One Road” and the geopolitics of empire

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
Baik Jiwoon
Beijing’s Pivot West: The Convergence of Innenpolitik and Aussenpolitik on China’s ‘Belt and Road’?

Journal of Contemporary China
Michael Clarke
Iran and the Belt and Road Initiative: Amid Hope and Fear

Journal of Contemporary China
Mohsen Shariatinia and Hamireza Azizi
China’s belt and road initiative: linkages with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in historical perspective

Transnational Corporations Review
Bhaso Ndzendze & David Monyae
Analysing the effect of government policy intervention on cross-border freight transportation flows: the Belt and Road perspective

Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
Tanmoy Kundu & Jiuh-Biing Sheu

Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (AJMEIS) is a reputable journal for publishing scholarly research and analysis, as well as book reviews, on the Middle East and the Islamic world. Included within the areas covered are North Africa, West Asia and the various regions and countries in Asia containing significant Muslim communities.
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More articles from Maritime Policy & Management

Article TitleAuthor
Intermodal route selection for cargo transportation from Korea to Central Asia by adopting Fuzzy Delphi and Fuzzy ELECTRE I methodsYing Wang & Gi-Tae Yeo
Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative in the Indian subcontinent under future port development scenariosXiao Ruan, Yapa Mahinda Bandara, Jun-Yeop Lee, Paul Tae-Woo Lee & Prem Chhetri
Locating dry ports on a network: a case study on Tianjin PortChuanxu Wang, Qian Chen & Rongbing Huang
Spatial heterogeneity of ports in the global maritime network detected by weighted ego network analysisChengliang Liu, Jiaqi Wang & Hong Zhang
The role of dry port in hub-and-spoke network under Belt and Road InitiativeHairui Wei, Zhaohan Sheng & Paul Tae-Woo Lee
Evaluating economic and environmental value of liner vessel sharing along the maritime silk road/a>Xuan Qiu, Eugene Y.C. Wong & Jasmine Siu Lee Lam
Research trends and agenda on the Belt and Road (B&R) initiative with a focus on maritime transportPaul Tae-Woo Lee, Zhi-Hua Hu, Sang-Jeong Lee, Kyoung-Suk Choi & Sung-Ho Shin
Development of port service network in OBOR via capacity sharing: an idea from Zhejiang province in ChinaXiao Ruan, Xuehao Feng & Kelvin Pang
Effects of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative on the wine import logistics of ChinaYui-yip Lau, Ka-chai Tam, Adolf K. Y. Ng, Xiaowen Fu, Zhang Jing & Jiejian Feng
Foldable container in empty container repositioning in intermodal transportation network of Belt and Road Initiative: strengths and limitationsShuzhu Zhang, Xiao Ruan, Yuezhang Xia & Xuehao Feng
Multimodal route choice in maritime transportation: the case of Korean auto-parts exportersSu-Han Woo, Sun-Nam Kim, Dong-Wook Kwak, Stephen Pettit & Anthony Beresford
Evaluation of foreign trade transport accessibility for Mainland ChinaLiquan Guo & Zhongzhen Yang

Maritime Policy & Management

Maritime Policy & Management (MPM) is a multi-disciplinary and international refereed journal, it brings together papers on the different topics that concern the maritime industry. It provides the latest findings and analyses. Emphasis is placed on business, organizational, economic, sociolegal and management topics at port, community, shipping company and shipboard levels.
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Social Sciences in China

Social Sciences in China (SSIC) is a peer-reviewed journal projecting new realms, new trends and new achievements in Chinese academic studies. It introduces the latest developments in Chinese social sciences to foreign audience and bridges social sciences researchers and readers worldwide.
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Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies

The Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies publishes original articles covering political, economic and social development in contemporary East Asia conducted by scholars and experts both within and outside Japan. It intends to offer in-depth studies and seeks to foster diverse perspectives to the major sub-areas of contemporary East Asia.
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