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Taylor & Francis Oncology

High-impact cancer research

Taylor & Francis provides high-impact oncology journals that feature cutting-edge research read and cited by a global audience. These journals offer validated review articles, case reports, original research, data, and metadata to help you progress your research. Amplify your work with current topics in antimicrobial chemotherapies, cancer biology, infectious diseases, and anti-cancer therapies, to name a few.

Explore the titles below and discover what our trusted portfolio of international, peer-reviewed journals can offer you.

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Cancer Biology & Therapy

Publishing original research on the molecular basis of cancer, including articles with translational relevance to diagnosis or therapy.

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Cancer Investigation

Providing physicians with a broad background of reliable information for effective decision-making. In addition to peer-reviewed clinical research, it also features translational studies bridging the gap between the laboratory and the clinic.

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Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy

Providing appraisal and commentary on trends in cancer care, highlighting the performance of new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. Topics include tumor management, chemotherapy, biomarkers and diagnostics, and treatment guidelines.

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International Journal of Radiation Biology

Publishing research on the biological effects of radiation, including genetic abnormalities and tissue response.

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Journal of Chemotherapy

Publishing international research on all aspects of antimicrobial and antitumor chemotherapy, including anticancer drugs and gene therapy.

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Molecular & Cellular Oncology

A high-profile forum for the publication of fundamental, translational, and clinical research on cancer.

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Nutrition and Cancer

This timely publication reports and reviews current findings on the effects of nutrition on the etiology, therapy, and prevention of cancer.

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Oncology Issues

An international journal publishing cancer research including care delivery models, precision medicine, prevention programs, and community outreach efforts.

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