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We’ve digitized over 200 years of academic research contained within our journals to make access to this vital research as easy as reading today’s articles. These historic discoveries are still impacting modern research, content in our archives has had 1.3 million citations in the last 5 years!

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  • Special offer for South African customers only in 2021: 50% discount on list prices for all custom-tailored packages or standard collection

  • One time purchase: no need to budget for annual costs, pay one flat rate

  • Customizable: customize the collection to fit your library’s needs

  • Perpetual access: forever access to essential content

  • Unlimited concurrent online access for all purchased content: users can access the content from anywhere at any time via remote access

The collections are also packed with content related to Africa

Below are just a few examples of journals from our African Studies collection containing archival content…

African Studies:

Celebrating it’s centenary with an Archive dating back to 1921! This international interdisciplinary journal aims to publish high-quality conceptual and empirical writing relevant to Africa. Disciplines include anthropology, critical race, gender and sexuality studies, geography, history, and politics.

South African Geographical Journal:

Over 100 years old with an archive dating back to 1917! This is the flagship journal of the Society of South African Geographers. The journal aims at using southern Africa as a region from, and through, which to communicate geographic knowledge and to engage with issues and themes relevant to the discipline.

African Zoology:

With an archive dating back to 1965,  African Zoology is published by NISC in association with the Zoological Society of South Africa and publishes original scientific contributions and critical reviews that focus principally on African fauna in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems.

Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology:

With an archive dating back to 1941, Ostrich is the leading ornithological journal in Africa and publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers and short communications on all aspects of ornithology conducted in Africa and its associated islands and marine habitats.

Social Dynamics:

With an archive dating back to 1975, Social Dynaamics strives to publish conceptually-informed research on Africa that addresses an interdisciplinary audience. It is the journal of the Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Highly-cited Taylor & Francis Archive content by African Authors

Article Journal Author(s) Citations
Isolation of Viral IgY Antibodies from Yolks of Immunized Hens Immunological Communications A. Polson, M. Barbara von Wechmar & M. H. V. van Regenmortel 289
The Delphi technique in health sciences education research Medical Teacher Prof. Marietjie R. de Villiers, Pierre J.T. de Villiers & Athol P. Kent 307
Arthropod-borne viral infections of man in Nigeria, 1964–1970 Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology D. L. Moore, O. R. Causey, D. E. Carey 209
Evidence for pseudomorphic growth of iron on copper The Philosophical Magazine: A Journal of Theoretical Experimental and Applied Physics W. A. Jesser & J. W. Matthews 242
Domination, Access, Diversity and Design: A synthesis for critical literacy education Educational Review Hilary Janks 167

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Why is historical research important for your institution?

Research from our classic archives has been cited over 1,300,000 times in the past 5 years and has influenced over 11,000 government documents.
Check out our infographic for a snapshot of how historical content impacts current research: 

Taylor & Francis Classic Archive infographic showcasing cited articles over the last 5 years

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