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The Iran Reader

Key Articles on Iran's Nuclear Program and the World's Response

The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran, the European Union, and six great powers is now under severe stress. The United States has abandoned the agreement and reimposed sanctions, using the privileged position of the US dollar to compel other countries not to trade with Iran. Iran has responded with a series of steps reversing selected commitments on nuclear technology. After the fifth such step, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany activated the JCPOA Dispute Resolution Mechanism, which might lead to a complete unraveling of the agreement if a diplomatic solution cannot be found. Anticipating what may come next, Iran's foreign minister has now threatened to leave the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons if Iran faces any new actions at the UN Security Council.

The following articles from the Nonproliferation Review offer a comprehensive view of the Iranian nuclear program, its geopolitical and military context, and efforts to curb it, including various perspectives on the decade of negotiations that led to the 2015 agreement. 

Relevant research from peer publications — including Asian Affairs, Global Affairs, International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Survival, The Washington Quarterly, and the Adelphi book series — rounds out this Iran Reader with additional perspectives and proposals.

The full collection is free-access via this page until 31 August 2020.

Research from the Nonproliferation Review

Article Title Author(s) Volume, Issue Online Publication Year
Negotiating the “Iran talks” in Tehran: the Iranian drivers that shaped the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Ariane Tabatabai Vol. 24, Issue 3-4 2018
No EU, no Iran deal: the EU's choice between multilateralism and the transatlantic link Tarja Cronberg Vol. 24, Issue 3-4 2018
The JCPOA and safeguards: model or outlier? Paul Kerr Vol. 24, Issue 3-4 2018
Red lines in nuclear nonproliferation Dan Altman & Nicholas L. Miller Vol. 24, Issue 3-4 2018
How the United States Helped Iran Build a Laser Enrichment Laboratory Anton Khlopkov Vol. 20, Issue 1 2013
Iran and the Nuclear Threshold: Where is the Line? Jacques E.C. Hymans & Matthew S. Gratias Vol. 20, Issue 1 2013
Busting Out: Iranian Public Opinion Toward the NPT C. Christine Fair, Karl Kaltenthaler & William Miller Vol. 20, Issue 1 2013
Extended Deterrence in the Middle East Yair Evron Vol. 19, Issue 3 2012
Shadow Wars: Covert Operations Against Iran's Nuclear Program* David Vielhaber & Philipp C. Bleek Vol. 19, Issue 3 2012
Kicking the Hornets’ Nest: Iran’s Nuclear Ambivalence and the West’s Counterproductive Nonproliferation Policies Patrick Disney Vol. 19, Issue 2 2012
Learning to Live with a Nuclear Iran Peter Jones Vol. 19, Issue 2 2012
Why Iran Wants the Bomb and What It Means for US Policy Clifton W. Sherrill Vol. 19, Issue 1 2012

The Nonproliferation Review

The Nonproliferation Review is a refereed journal concerned with the causes, consequences, and control of the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. A journal of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at Middlebury College, the Review features case studies, theoretical analyses, historical studies, reports, viewpoints, and book reviews on such issues as state-run weapons programs, treaties and export controls, safeguards, verification and compliance, disarmament, terrorism, and the economic and environmental effects of weapons proliferation.

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Further reading from Routledge

Article Title Author(s) Publication
The US policy of containing Iran – from Obama to Trump 2009–2018 Ayman Saleh Albarasneh & Dania Koleilat Khatib Global Affairs
Assessing the JCPOA Mark Fitzpatrick Adelphi Series
On Creating the Conditions for Nuclear Disarmament: Past Lessons, Future Prospects Brad Roberts The Washington Quarterly
Iran’s Military Strategy Hadi Ajili & Mahsa Rouhi Survival
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime: An Historical Perspective Joseph M. Siracusa & Aiden Warren Diplomacy & Statecraft
The American Response to Pakistani and Iranian Nuclear Proliferation: A Study in Paradox Farhad Rezaei Asian Affairs
The Iran Nuclear Negotiations: One Year On Sir Richard Dalton Asian Affairs

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