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“A school for all” in the policy and practice nexus: How professionals do inclusion from a comparative perspective

NordSTEP invites submissions to a special issue on "A school for all" in the policy and practice nexus: How professionals do inclusion from a comparative perspective

The inclusion of children with special needs in compulsory schools is a widely debated issue across different national contexts, and focuses on how all children can gain access to the best possible education. At a policy level, this issue is a self-evident part of discourse on education in democratic society and is manifested in documents such as the 24-year-old Salamanca declaration. However in relation to schooling practices the reality of inclusion can be more complicated, characterized by policies operating on different temporal and spatial scales.

This special issue asks how inclusion for all is discussed, approached and implemented by those who make it possible (special needs educators, teachers, medical etc.). In particular, it is of interest how certain configurations of history and region, as well as national political conditions, might shape inclusion.

International research has been characterized by tensions between disciplines: psychology, education and medicine. In addition, previous discussion considers whether inclusion should be structured by categorical thinking, in terms of disability classes and diagnoses, or relational thinking and how disability is determined by environmental factors. We argue that a comparative perspective shows possible solutions to be dependent on contextual particularities, and with this vantage point, aim to investigate the phenomenon of inclusion between policy and practice.

How to submit

For information on how to prepare your submission, visit the journal's Instructions for Authors page. If necessary, use the Help function on the submission page to assist you through the submission process.
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Important dates

Deadline for abstract proposals: 15 April 2019
Deadline for manuscript submission: 15 August 2019
Deadline for final versions: 15 November 2019
Expected publication: January 2020 

This special issue welcomes contributions with the following foci:

- The nation-specific practice of special needs educators, between state governance and multiple stakeholders in a compulsory school system.

- The practice of inclusion in school organisation as negotiation by different actors (special needs educators, teachers, principals, medicals etc.), e.g. from micro-political, affective-emotional or self-positioning perspectives.

- Training and career paths of special needs educators in academic education and professional practice.

- Inclusion as a curriculum issue; how relevant school knowledge is negotiated in an inclusive setting in compulsory schooling.

The research submitted should have a clear comparative perspective, by linking different times, spatial contexts (different countries, global, national or local arenas) or academic perspectives to each other. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome.

Manuscripts should be written in English, and they should not exceed 7000 words (excl. references). APA referencing conventions should be followed. Manuscripts will undergo peer review and will be published if approved by the reviewers and accepted by the editorial board.

Abstract proposals should not exceed 1000 words and should present information on research focus, significance, material used and most important findings.

For submission of proposals and specific content queries concerning this special issue, please contact Wieland Wermke (wieland.wermke@specped.su.se)

If you experience technical problems during the submission process, please contact NordSTEP executive editor Tine S Prøitz (Tine.Proitz@usn.no)

Editorial board

Guest Editors 

  • Gabriella Höstfält, Stockholm University, Dept. of Special Needs Education
  • Karsten Krauskopf, Potsdam University, Dept. of Education, Unit Inclusion and Organisation
  • Wieland Wermke, Stockholm University, Dept. of Special Needs Education

General Editors

  • Daniel Pettersson (Chief Editor), University of Gävle, Sweden
  • Petter Aasen, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway
  • Ning de Coninck-Smith, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Eva Forsberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Fritjof Sahlström, Åbo Academi University, Finland

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