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2022 IF: 2.1
2022 CiteScore: 3.8
Usage: 347K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 2.4
2022 CiteScore: 4.2
Usage: 860K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 1.8
2022 CiteScore: 2.8
Usage: 867K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 4.4
2022 CiteScore: 4.1
Usage: 1.4M annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 4.6
2022 CiteScore: 5.7
Usage: 606K annual downloads/views

2022 IF: 6.0
2022 CiteScore: 4.0
Usage: 1.2M annual downloads/views

You are invited to submit your healthcare science article

We are excited to invite you to submit your healthcare science article to one of our open access journals. Publishing your study open access enables you to:

  • Get more views and citations:
    Open access articles achieve 95% more citations and more than 7 times the downloads of non-open access

  • Comply with funding mandates:
    Our gold open access healthcare sciences, and services journals are fully funder compliant, making them an excellent option to increase the impact of your research

  • Increase visibility and connections:
    We use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. This means that, while you retain copyright, your peers can distribute, remix, and build upon your work, enabling further innovation and cross-disciplinary global collaboration

  • Benefit from fast format-free submission:
    All journals in this collection feature format-free submission. This enables you to submit your paper, including references, in any scholarly format or layout.

Doctor on blurred background using digital artificial intelligence head interface 3D rendering

Calling all research papers!

Why not submit your research article to our special collection on: Artificial Intelligence based medical devices and digital health for personalized medicine.

Click the button below to find out how you can contribute and start making an impact today.

Authors in Sweden might be able to publish your healthcare research open access at no cost to themselves with an open access agreement between Bibsam and Taylor & Francis, find out more.
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