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with the Nordic Journal of Criminology

Abstract Deadline: 15 February 2020 | Full Paper Deadline: 15 August 2020


Anita Heber, Stockholm University

[email protected]

Sexual Violence in a Nordic Context

The number of reported cases of sexual violence remains high, as well as increasing, in the Nordic countries; thus contrasting the overall decline of crime in the official crime statistics. The Nordic countries have explained sexual violence by focusing on the lack of gender equality on both a societal and individual level. However, the current levels of sexual violence coupled with the high degree of gender equality challenges this explanation. Moreover, sexual violence is one of the few offences where expanding criminalization and harsher punishments are perceived as both effective and legitimate policy measures in the Nordic countries. How, in light of all this, could criminologists and other social scientists develop the understanding of sexual violence in the Nordic setting?

The Nordic Journal of Criminology invite papers from social scientists across the Nordic countries to explore issues such as the following:

  • What do we know about sexual violence in the Nordic countries (e.g. prevalence, perpetrators, and victims)?
  • How can we analyse the ‘The Nordic paradox’ (that is, high level of gender equality, high and increasing level of reported sexual violence)?
  • What legislative challenges do sexual violence represent?
  • What methodological and theoretical challenges do sexual violence represent for criminology?
  • What challenges do sexual violence represent for police investigation and prosecution?
  • How can sexual violence in the Nordic countries be prevented?'

The list above is not complete. Papers can be based on both quantitative and qualitative data and methodologies. Submissions might include findings from other countries and regions but all submission must speak to the Nordic context.

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Submission Instructions

Please read the instructions before submitting your manuscript. All manuscripts will undergo the standard referee process. However, authors are welcome to discuss their ideas in advance with the editor. For questions or additional information regarding the special issue, please contact the Editor, Anita Heber.

Word limit: 7,500 words
Publication date: April 2021

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