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Celebrating the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Articles by the Nobel Prize Laureates in 2010s

The 2019 Nobel Prize Ceremony will be held in December 10th. To celebrate the accomplishments of the winners,
we are providing free access to articles authored/co-authored by the prestigious Laureates below until December 31st, 2019.

Uncover the past for a better future.

Bruce Beutler (2011)

Cytokines and Cancer CachexiaBruce BeutlerHospital Practice

Jules A. Hoffmann (2011)

Ecdysone metabolism in Locusta migratoria larvae and adultsJean-François Modde,René Lafont and Jules A. HoffmannInternational Journal of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development
Role of the follicle cells and the oocytes in ecdysone biosynthesis and esterification in vitellogenic females of Locusta migratoriaChristine Kappler,Francine Goltzené,Marie Lagueux,Charles Hetru and Jules A. HoffmannInternational Journal of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development

Ralph M. Steinman (2011)

Dendritic Cells as Antigen Presenting Cells in VivoKayo Inaba,Joshua P. Metlay,Mary T. Crowley,Margit Witmer-Pack and Ralph M. SteinmanInternational Reviews of Immunology

William C. Campbell (2015)

An Introduction to the AvermectinsWilliam C. CampbellNew Zealand Veterinary Journal

Michael Rosbash (2017)

Germ-Line Transformation Involving DNA from the period Locus in Drosophila melanogaster: Overlapping Genomic Fragments that Restore Circadian and Ultradian Rhythmicity to per0 and per− MutantsMelanie Hamblen,William A. Zehring,Charalambos P. Kyriacou,Pranhitha Reddy,Qiang Yu,David A. Wheeler,Laurence J. Zwiebel,Ronald J. Konopka,Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey C. HallDepartmentsJournal of Neurogenetics
A New Mutation at the Period Locus of Drosophila Melanogaster With Some Novel Effects on Circadian RhythmsMelanie Hamblen-coyle,Ronald J. Konopka,Laurence J. Zwiebel,Hildur V. Colot,Harold B. Dowse,Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey C. HallJournal of Neurogenetics
Requirement for Period Gene Expression in the Adult and Not During Development for Locomotor Activity Rhythms of Imaginal Drosophila MelanogasterJohn Ewer,Melanie Hamblen-Coyle,Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey C. HallJournal of Neurogenetics
The Analysis of New Short-Period Circadian Rhythm Mutants Suggests Features of D. Melanogaster Period Gene FunctionJoan E. Rutila,Isaac Edery,Jeffrey C. Hall and Michael RosbashJournal of Neurogenetics

James P. Allison (2018)

Diminished Expression of the T Cell Receptor on the Expanded Lymphocyte Population in Mrl/Mp-1pr/1pr MiceThomas W. Groghan,Jean-Luc Davignon,Janet Evans,James P. Allison,Robert A. Eisenberg,Jeffrey A. Frelinger and Philip L. CohenAutoimmunity

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