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Petroleum Science and Technology is excited to announce its new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dan Rao

Dr. Dandina N. Rao

Emmett C. Wells Jr. Distinguished Professor

Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering

Louisiana State University


Dr. Rao has been an active member of the SPE and other professional societies for over 35 years, and has worked in various capacities including session chair, discussion leader, co-chairing committees, technical groups, mentoring, and in organizing and steering workshops, conferences and symposia. He has served on numerous panels, including providing keynote presentations. He has been a technical editor of many prestigious journals over the years. He is also a great professor who has churned out young professionals now in leadership positions in research, technology and the greater oil and gas industry.

Some of Dr. Rao’s career contributions and accomplishments include:


  • First in the world to create “Fire-in-Water” (HydroFlame) process for efficient and environmentally-conscious steaming of heavy oil fields around the world.
  • Gas-assisted gravity drainage (GAGD) enhanced oil recovery process.
  • Dual-drop-dual-crystal (DDDC) technique for confident characterization of reservoir wettability that has seen world –wide applications.
  • The new concept of vanishing interfacial tension (VIT) to determine gas-oil minimum miscibility conditions easily and cost-effectively.
  • Recently, in 2019, he has been elected as Senior Member of US National Academy of Inventors
  • 40 years of upstream research and technology development experience in the areas of wettability, enhanced oil recovery, rock-fluid interactions, reservoir characterization, colloid and interface science.
  • 16 years of industry experience in rock-fluids interactions and EOR
  • 20 years of academic experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students and guiding research projects of MS and PhD at LSU in the areas of rock-fluids interactions and enhanced oil recovery by wettability alteration and by gas-assisted gravity drainage.
  • 54 reviewed journal publications and over 125 technical conference papers. Presented over 300 technical presentations, several invited talks and key-note addresses at national and international conferences in India, Japan, China, US, Canada, Bolivia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands.
  • Supervised and graduated over 24 MS and  over 12 PhD students at LSU
  • Supervised 3 post-doctoral research associates
  • Initiated a small business to commercialize his invention, raised over $12 million form private industry sources, built pilot units of HydroFlame steam generators, conducted two successful field tests
  • Holds several commercial patents including HydroFlame and GAGD
  • Served as member of supervisory committees of another 33 MS and PhD students at LSU and other universities in US and Canada
  • Recipient of several awards including the STAR award from BDM Petroleum technologies, Bartlesville OK, Rainmaker Award from LSU.
  • Invited by the Editorial Board of Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology to write a Distinguished Author Series article on gas injection EOR
  • Invited to serve on the Editorial Board of JCPT, SPE-REE and SPEJ.
  • PhD (1983) in Chemical/Petroleum Engineering from U of Calgary


We are excited to have Dr. Rao on board as the new Editor-in-Chief and we look forward to the new ideas he brings to the journal. He will be taking over Editor-in-Chief duties as of January 1, 2020.