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New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics: Special Issue Call for Papers

Understanding Sedimentary Systems and Processes of the Hikurangi Subduction Margin; from Trench to Back-Arc

Abstract deadline
31 August 2020

About this Special Issue

This special issue of the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics invites submissions with a focus primarily on understanding sedimentary systems of the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, NZ.

A history of the inception and ongoing evolution of the dynamic Hikurangi Subduction Margin is preserved in the deposits of its diverse sedimentary basins that span trench to back-arc positions. Sediments and sedimentary rocks contained within these basins provide a record of surface process from the Neogene to today. These sedimentary archives reflect the spatial variability of the onset and ongoing effects of subduction, a myriad of sediment sources, seismicity and associated volcanism, all imprinted upon glacial-interglacial climate variability and associated eustatic change.

This special issue will focus on understanding the processes that control the evolution of these systems, including basin development and evolution, sediment provenance, sedimentary flow processes and flow pathways, triggers mechanisms, palaeoceanographic setting and variability, controls on deposition and preservation, subsequent burial, thermal evolution and fluid migration.

We invite manuscripts from onshore and offshore sedimentology-stratigraphy studies that use outcrops, sediment and rock cores, petrophysical borehole data, bathymetry, reflection seismic data, and modelling to understand the history of the margin and its present environments. Much recent data has been collected on the margin, resulting in great advances in our understanding of the evolution of the sedimentary systems on convergent margins in general. With the high level of interest in the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, this is a timely synthesis of the current state of knowledge using the latest data.

The guest editorial team includes Lorna Strachan (University of Auckland), Alan Orpin (NIWA), Adam McArthur (University of Leeds), Julien Bailleul (UniLaSalle) and Kyle Bland (GNS Science).

Submission Information

Please send a preliminary title, indicative author list and a short descriptive paragraph outlining the scope of your proposed manuscript as soon as convenient to the chief guest editor, Lorna Strachan at l.strachan@auckland.ac.nz by 30th April, 2020.

The anticipated manuscript submission deadline is 30th November 2020 with the aim of getting the special issue formally published in June, 2021.  Individual article will be published online first with a DOI before it appears in the special issue.

Acceptance for publication will depend on the outcome of the normal peer review process and authors meeting critical time schedules. See Taylor & Francis Online for authors submitting articles to New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics.

Please direct any queries to Lorna Strachan.