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New Editors Announcement

Industry and Innovation

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Announcing new Editors of Industry and Innovation 

Taylor and Francis is pleased to announce the appointment of Industry and Innovation’s new Editorship team, starting January 2022.

Vera Rocha 

Vera Rocha

Vera Rocha is an Associate Professor in Economics and Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. Vera was previously an Assistant Professor at the same Department (Strategy & Innovation) and a PostDoc in Economics of Entrepreneurship at the former Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics at Copenhagen Business School. She holds a PhD in Economics from University of Porto.

Vera’s research is at the intersection of entrepreneurship, strategic human capital, and labor market inequality. Her work has been focused on the determinants of career transitions into entrepreneurship, the causes and implications of hiring strategies as firms emerge and mature, how entrepreneurial activity can affect both individual careers and society at large, and how organizations contribute to expand or reduce labor market inequalities, often using matched employer-employee datasets. Vera’s research has been distinguished by several awards and published in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies, and Organizational Research Methods.

Since 2022, Vera is the Principal Investigator of a large project funded by Carlsberg Foundation (Denmark) investigating multi-level pathways for integrating marginalized groups in the labor market and broader society. Vera is also co-Principal Investigator in another project funded by the ROCKWOOL Foundation (Denmark) to study questions related to individual behavior and tax evasion in the digital economy. In addition to being Co-Editor-in-Chief at Industry & Innovation, Vera also serves on the Editorial Review Board of Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, and Small Business Economics. 

Alessandra Perri 

Alessandra Perri is an Associate Professor of Management at Luiss Business School and the Department of Business Management, Luiss University. Prior to joining Luiss, she worked at the Department of Business Administration of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and at the Department of Management of Ca’ Foscari University Venice. She holds a Ph.D. in Management from Luiss University. 

Alessandra’s main research interests are the strategic management of technological innovation in multinational firms, and the inter- and intra-organizational relationships aimed at knowledge creation. Her papers have appeared in leading journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Research Policy, Global Strategy Journal, Journal of World Business, Industrial and Corporate Change.

In 2016, she was awarded the John H. Dunning Visiting Fellowship, sponsored by the John H. Dunning Centre for International Business at Henley Business School, University of Reading. Her research has received numerous awards, including the “John H. Dunning Best Doctoral Thesis Proposal Award”, the “International Business Review Best Paper Award”, the “Global Strategy Journal Best Paper Award”, and the “AIB UK & Ireland Palgrave Best Competitive Paper Award”. In 2016, she was a finalist for the Academy of International Business’ Alan M. Rugman Most Promising Scholar Award. She has held the role of Principal Investigator in research projects funded by qualified national and international institutions, including the European Patent Office. In addition to being Co-Editor–in-Chief at Industry & Innovation, Alessandra also serves in the Editorial Review Board of Global Strategy Journal.

About the journal 

Industry and Innovation is an international refereed journal presenting high-quality original scholarship of the dynamics of industries and innovation. Interdisciplinary in nature, Industry and Innovation is informed by, and contributes in turn to, advancing the theoretical frontier within economics, management, sociology, and economic geography. 

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