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New Editor-in-Chief Announcement

Services Marketing Quarterly

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Announcing new Editor of Services Marketing Quarterly

Taylor and Francis is pleased to announce the appointment of Services Marketing Quarterly‘s new Editor-in-Chief: Ceridwyn King Ph.D.

About the Editor-in-Chief

Ceridwyn King - Services Marketing Quarterly EIC

Ceridwyn King is an Associate Professor and Arthur F. McGonigle Research Fellow in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University, in the United States. She holds a Master of Marketing Management with Honors and a PhD in Marketing, both awarded at Griffith University in Australia, as well as has several years of strategic marketing experience in a range of industries, with a particular focus on Tourism and Hospitality. Her research focuses on service management and marketing, with an emphasis on the internal stakeholder’s role in realizing marketing strategies to create competitively sustainable service experiences.

Ceridwyn is considered a thought leader in internal brand management and continues to pursue this area of research in line with both academic and practitioner interest. As an expert witness in hospitality brand management legal cases, Ceridwyn’ s research can be found in leading international journals such as the Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Services Management, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Journal of Travel Research, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management and the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of Services Marketing Quarterly, Associate Editor of Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research and Co-ordinating Editor of International Journal of Hospitality Management. Additionally, she serves on the editorial boards for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly and the Journal of Service Management.

Future Direction for Services Marketing Quarterly

It is an exciting time to be a service researcher. As the global economy increasingly becomes defined more by service industries, the opportunities for research in this field is abundant. Further, with seismic shifts like the COVD-19 pandemic becoming more frequent, the pace and speed of innovation that is often realized through a service lens, reinforces the increasing importance that is placed on research in this domain. Such importance is reflected in the significant global body of active and engaged service researchers and the increasing demand for, and impact of, service research, presenting an exciting opportunity for Services Marketing Quarterly.

As Services Marketing Quarterly begins a new leadership chapter, the focus will be on providing authors an outlet to showcase their translational (applied) research that emerges from industry driven problems or opportunities and is examined via strong conceptual/theoretical frameworks and methodological lens. The intent being for the journal to be a credible and accessible resource for service leaders/practitioners, where academics consistently deliver meaningful and industry relevant insights that can directly benefit/impact the service industry. The broad questions that SMQ articles will seek to answer are “what are the emerging issues that challenge service leaders” and “what solution-oriented insight is necessary to achieve the greatest benefit for the advancement of service industries”. 

About the journal 

Services Marketing Quarterly  is directed at academicians and practitioners who are involved in the development and application of services marketing concepts to the wide spectrum of industries that constitute the service sector of economies. The journal presents both theoretical and empirical articles including experimental and pilot studies addressing various issues faced by service marketers to enhance the development of the marketing literature in the application of marketing concepts to services. 

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