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Discover Health Communication Research from National Communication Association Publications

Health Communication is a sensitive subject whose impact can have a wide-ranging impact on everyone's daily lives. Articles that include 'More to the story: how the medical humanities can learn from and enrich health communication studies' by Nicole Piemonte and '“A man's mouth is his castle”: The midcentury fluoridation controversy and the visceral public' by Jenell Johnson have been included in order to give a broad insight into the subject. They are free to view until 31/12/2019

Discover the research today and learn more about this key research area.

Health Communication

Article TitleAuthor(s)Journal Title
Addressing [HEALTH TOPIC] among [POPULATION]: A fill-in-the-blank activity to promote understanding of formative health communication campaign decisionsAllyson C. Volinsky & Angeline SangalangCommunication Teacher
Post-Trauma: Healthcare Practitioners Use Social Media during Times of Political TensionAriela Popper-Giveon, Tamar Israeli & Yael KeshetCritical Studies in Media Communication
Health communication: a future direction for instructional communication researchErin Donovan, Brad Love, Michael Mackert, Anita Vangelisti & David RingCommunication Education
Health communication as an instructional communication context beyond the classroomTeresa L. ThompsonCommunication Education
Latino children’s ability to interpret in health settings: A parent–child dyadic perspective on child health literacyLisa M. Guntzviller, Jakob D. Jensen & Luz Maria CarrenoCommunication Monographs
Frontline employees in the health clinic: Impression management multiplexing when performing in-the-roundMillie A. Harrison, William Roth Smith, Mackenzie R. Greenwell & Keri K. StephensCommunication Monographs
Effects of reintegration difficulties, perceived message acceptance and perceived autonomy support on U.S. military Veterans’ evaluations of messages encouraging them to seek behavioral health carePatricia E. Gettings, Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, Steven R. Wilson, Daniel M. Kamal, Jill Inderstrodt-Stephens & Linda Hughes-KirchubelCommunication Monographs
The experience and communicative management of identity threats among people with Parkinson's disease: Implications for health communication theory and practiceSummer C. MartinCommunication Monographs
Teaching health campaigns by doing health campaignsLindsay NeubergerCommunication Teacher
Global health and social media: using Instagram and Twitter in an open online class for global service-learning projectsMarcus Messner, Richard T. Roberts, Vivian Medina-Messner & Jeanine GuidryCommunication Teacher
Narrative mapping: Listening with health, healing, and illness narratives in the classroomMarie ThompsonCommunication Teacher
Establishing the need for health communication research: best practices model for building transdisciplinary collaborationsDebbie Treise, Claire Baralt, Kristina Birnbrauer, Janice Krieger & Jordan NeilJournal of Applied Communication Research
Mapping the Health Communication Infrastructure in Rural Senegal: an Assessment to Support Cervical Cancer ScreeningEulàlia P. Abril, Magdalena Kupczyk, Grant L. Zwicke, Ginnifer L. Mastarone, Tracy Irwin & Andrew DykensJournal of Applied Communication Research
Community cartography in health communication: An asset-based mapping approach in four communities in rural EcuadorBenjamin R. Bates, Diana L. Marvel, Claudia Nieto-Sanchez & Mario J. GrijalvaJournal of International and Intercultural Communication
More to the story: how the medical humanities can learn from and enrich health communication studiesNicole PiemonteReview of Communication
A narrative framework for forgiveness at the end of life: suggestions for future research in health communicationCarmen C. GomanReview of Communication
“A man's mouth is his castle”: The midcentury fluoridation controversy and the visceral publicJenell JohnsonQuarterly Journal of Speech
Improving Upon Nature: The Rhetorical Ecology of Chemical Language, Reproductive Endocrinology, and the Medicalization of InfertilityRobin E. JensenQuarterly Journal of Speech
Teaching advocacy communication to pediatric residents: the efficacy of applied improvisational theater (AIT) as an instructional toolKrista Hoffmann-Longtin, Jason M. Organ, Jill V. Helphinstine, Deanna R. Reinoso, Zachary S. Morgan & Elizabeth WeinsteinCommunication Education