NCA Article Collection 2019

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NCA Article Collection 2019

Communication for Survival

The NCA Annual Convention theme for 2019 is “Communication for Survival.” This theme seeks to inspire us to evaluate the ways communication improves lives, helps build relationships, sustains communities, improves society, and provides peace of mind. The conference session invites attendees to consider the ways communication can help people and the planet to survive.

Conference sessions will be discussing important change topics such as; the Black Lives Matter movement; the #MeToo movement; international relations; apocalyptic rhetoric; race; homo sacer; the prison industrial complex; terrorism; economic crisis; natural and man-made disasters; gun violence; health care; as well as utilitarian and pragmatic approaches to communication. Further to those key subjects of debate, sessions may address engagement on the innovation of current theoretical scholarship (i.e. social movement theory, theories of social change, neoliberalism, racial microaggressions, biopolitics and necropolitics, racial battle fatigue, queer futurity, integrated communication, negotiation, etc.).

Enjoy the following articles with free access via this page only until December 31, 2019. 

Critical Studies in Media Communication

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Defending Black Pete: strategies of justification and the preservation of tradition in Dutch news discourseDiantha Vliet2019
Black queer womanhood matters: searching for the queer herstory of Black Lives Matter in television dramasJade D. Petermon & Leland G. Spencer36(4) 2019
Trump and Twitter 2.0Robert Alan Brookey & Brian L. Ott36(1) 2019

Communication Education

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Spectacles of Race and Pedagogies of Denial: Anti-Black Racist Pedagogy Under the Reign of NeoliberalismHenry A. Giroux52(3-4) 2003
World making or world breaking?: a Black womanist perspective on social media crises in higher educationToniesha L. Taylor69(3) 2019
Guns on campus: campus carry and instructor–student communicationHannah E. Jones & Sean M. Horan68(4) 2019

Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
“Everybody’s hard times are different”: country as a political investment in white masculine precarityAmanda Nell Edgar & Holly Willson Holladay16(2) 2019
“To Ferguson, Love Palestine”: mediating life under occupationCristina Mislán & Sara Shaban16(1) 2019

Communication Monographs

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Positive exposure to Muslims and perceptions of a disdainful public: A model of mediated social dissentJulius Matthew Riles, Michelle Funk & Warren Davis86(3) 2019
Examining the effects of news coverage linking undocumented immigrants with criminality: Policy and punitive implicationsAndrea Figueroa-Caballero & Dana Mastro86(1) 2019

Communication Teacher

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Separating real from fake: Building news literacy with the Frayer ModelBrian J. Bowe33(4) 2019
Stay woke: The Black Lives Matter movement as a practical tool to develop critical voiceVickie Cox Edmondson, Brandy S. Edmondson & Tonya B. Perry33(4) 2019
From Ferguson to Charleston and beyond: Talking about race and diversity in the classroomKaren M. Turner, Elizabeth L. Sweet & Elisabeth Fornaro33(1) 2018

Journal of Applied Communication Research

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Communicating policy-practice orientations: the case of sexual violence response among college studentsSuzy D’Enbeau2019
#MeToo, sexual harassment: an article, a forum, and a dream for the futureRobin Patric Clair, Nadia E. Brown, Debbie S. Dougherty, Hannah K. Delemeester, Patricia Geist-Martin, William I. Gorden, Tyler Sorg & Paaige K. Turner47(2) 2019
‘Communication sovereignty’ as resistance: strategies adopted by women farmers amid the agrarian crisis in IndiaMohan Jyoti Dutta & Jagadish Thaker47(1) 2019

First Amendment Studies

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Wedding cakes, equality, and rhetorics of religious freedomIsaac West53(1-2) 2019
Workplace bullying policies, higher education and the First Amendment: Building bridges not wallsFrances L. M. Smith & Crystal Rae Coel52(1-2) 2018

Journal of International and Intercultural Communication

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
Refugee resettlement volunteers as (inter)cultural mediators?Kirstie McAllum2019
“There’s no such thing as Asian”: A membership categorization analysis of cross-cultural adaptation in an Asian American business communityNatasha Shrikant11(4) 2018

Quarterly Journal of Speech

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
PROTECTing the figure of innocence: child pornography legislation and the queerness of childhoodErin J. Rand105(3) 2019
Racial sedimentation and the common sense of racialized violence: The case of black church burningsMatthew Houdek104(3) 2018

Review of Communication

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
When prisoners dare to become scholars: prison education as resistanceAdam Key & Matthew S. May19(1) 2019
Toward a relational politics of representationJenna N. Hanchey18(4) 2018

Text and Performance Quarterly

ArticleAuthor(s)Volume, Issue & Year
From failure and allyship to feminist solidarities: negotiating our privileges and oppressions across bordersHaneen Ghabra & Bernadette Marie Calafell38(1-2) 2018
En/Gendering dystopia: the performance of torture at Guantanamo Bay prisonClark D. Olson & Kirt A. Shineman38(1-2) 2018

Books to Read

Book TitleAuthor(s) or Editor(s)EditionPublication Year
Digital DiscussionsNatalie Jomini Stroud, Shannon McGregor12018
Family CommunicationChris Segrin, Jeanne Flora32019
A Cognitive Psychology of Mass CommunicationFred W. Sanborn, Richard Jackson Harris72018
Applied Organizational CommunicationThomas E. Harris, Mark D. Nelson42018
Data-Driven Public Relations ResearchJim Eggensperger, Natalie Redcross12018
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