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Overdose Awareness Day & National Recovery Month 2021

“Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community”

Overdose Awareness Day exists to raise awareness and commemorate those who have been lost to drug overdose. National Recovery Month is observed to highlight the ways in which substance use treatment and mental health services can empower and enable people to live healthy and rewarding lives. 

At Taylor & Francis, we are dedicated to providing access to the research that will help advance the discovery, innovations, and progress toward better understandings and treatments within the area of substance use. To make these critical studies more accessible, we have made this collection of journal articles and book chapters from our Medicine & Health Substance Use portfolio free access through December 31, 2021.

We support the Overdose Awareness Day campaign to raise awareness of the public health crisis of overdose and inspire action and discussion about overdose prevention and drug policy. We support Recovery Month, the work it involves, and the dedication of service-providers and community members who make recovery possible. 



Journal Title Author(s) Year Published
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy Exploring essential components of addiction recovery: a qualitative study across assisted and unassisted recovery pathways Anne Dekkers, Lore Bellaert, Florien Meulewaeter, Et. Al 2020
Substance Use & Misuse Recovery as Life Transformation: Examining the Relationships between Recovery, Hope, and Relapse Daniel Gutierrez, Stephanie Dorais & Jeremy R. Goshorn 2020
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy ‘It’s not 9 to 5 recovery’: the role of a recovery community in producing social bonds that support recovery Martin Anderson, Alison M. Devlin, Lucy Pickering, Et. Al 2020
Substance Use & Misuse An Integrated Model of Nature and Nurture Factors that Contribute to Addiction and Recovery Kelly E. Green, Jasmin R. Blue & Samantha N. Natal 2021
Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse Recovery from alcohol among urban Alaska Native and American Indian people Kate M. Lillie, Aliassa Shane, Kelley J. Jansen, Et. Al 2021
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy The role of social mechanisms of change in women’s addiction recovery trajectories Beth Collinson & Lauren Hall 2020
Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse Implementing peer recovery coaching and improving outcomes for substance use disorders in underserved communities Michael A. Hansen,Sanjukta Modak,Samuel McMaster 2021
Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly The Role of Suffering in Relation to Suicide in Persons Experiencing Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Conditions: A Brief Perspective Nicole D. Hune , LMSW & Thomas G. Kimball , Ph.D., LMFT 2021
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Implementing hospital-based peer recovery support services for substance use disorder Elliott J. Liebling , Jessica Joyce S. Perez, Michael M. Litterer & Et Al. 2020
Addiction Research & Theory Perspectives on addiction recovery: focus groups with individuals in recovery and family members Anne Dekkers, Clara De Ruysscher & Wouter Vanderplasschen 2020
Substance Use and Misuse Buprenorphine Treatment Intake and Critical Encounters following a Nonfatal Opioid Overdose Grant A. Victor, Katie Bailey & Brad Ray 2021
Clinical Toxicology Drug-specific risk of severe QT prolongation following acute drug overdose Sharan L. Campleman, Jeffery Brent, Anthony F. Pizon, et al. 2020
Journal of Addictive Diseases Increasing access to medications for opioid use disorder: Policy analysis and proposals James R. Latronica 2021
American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Opioid agonist treatment is highly protective against overdose death among a U.S. statewide population of justice-involved adults Noa Krawczyk, Ramin Mojtabai, Elizabeth A. Stuart, et al. 2020
Substance Abuse State-led opioid overdose prevention efforts: Challenges, solutions and lessons learned from the CDC Prevention for States Program (PfS) Natasha Underwood, Cherie Rooks-Peck, Nida Ali, et al. 2021
Book Title Chapter Title Author Editor
Grief and Addiction: Considering Loss in the Recovery Process 16. Resilience and the Importance of Relationship Julie Bates-Maves Anna Moore
Treating Black Women With Eating Disorders: A Clinician’s Guide 11. “Father Hunger?” Engaging Fathers in the Eating Disorder Recovery Process Charlynn Small & Mazella Fuller Amanda Devine
Understanding Forgiveness and Addiction: Theory, Research, and Clinical Application 5. Theory: Forgiveness, Health, and Addiction Jon Webb Amanda Devine
Harm Reduction for Gambling Family Members Affected by Excessive Gambling Jim Orford Jo Forshaw
Substance Abuse and the family 5. Family Diversity and Substance Abuse Michael D. Reiter Heather Evans
Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model 8. Bringing Polyvagal Theory into the World of Addiction Jan Winhall Amanda Devine

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