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Mycobiology | Dedicated to fungi and microorganisms research

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Article Author
Two Manganese Peroxidases and a Laccase of Trametes polyzona KU-RNW027 with Novel Properties for Dye and Pharmaceutical Product Degradation in Redox Mediator-Free System P. Lueangjaroenkit, C. Teerapatsakul, K. Sakka et al.
Antifungal Activities of Streptomyces blastmyceticus Strain 12-6 Against Plant Pathogenic Fungi Y. J. Kim, J.-H. Kim & J.-Y. Rho
New Records of Four Species Belonging to Eurotiales from Soil and Freshwater in Korea M. Pangging, T. T. T. Nguyen & H. B. Lee
First Records of Rare Ascomycete Fungi, Acrostalagmus luteoalbus, Bartalinia robillardoides, and Collariella carteri from Freshwater Samples in Korea T. T. T. Nguyen, S. H. Lee, S. J. Jeon & H. B. Lee
A Survey of Termitomyces (Lyophyllaceae, Agaricales), Including a New Species, from a Subtropical Forest in Xishuangbanna, China L. Ye, S. C. Karunarathna, H. Li et al.
Two New Species and a New Chinese Record of Hypocreaceae as Evidenced by Morphological and Molecular Data Z. Q. Zeng & W. Y. Zhuang
Cytospora elaeagnicola sp. nov. Associated with Narrow-leaved Oleaster Canker Disease in China L. Zhang, L. V. Alvarez, G. Bonthond et al.
Cladophialophora lanosa sp. nov., a New Species Isolated from Soil K. Das, S.-Y. Lee & H.-Y. Jung
Isolation, Identification and Enzymatic Activity of Halotolerant and Halophilic Fungi from the Great Sebkha of Oran in Northwestern of Algeria R. Chamekh, F. Deniel, C. Donot et al.
Characterization of Achlya americana and A. bisexualis (Saprolegniales, Oomycota) Isolated from Freshwater Environments in Korea Y.-J. Choi, S. H. Lee, T. T. T. Nguyen, B. Nam & H. B. Lee

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Mycobiology is a fully open access journal, dedicated to advancing research in fungi and microorganisms. Topics include the biology, biochemistry and lifecycles of filamentous and lichen fungi, yeasts, moulds, oomycetes, and mushrooms.
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Mycobiology is a fully Open Access publication dedicated to research on the biology, biochemistry and lifecycles of filamentous and lichen fungi, yeasts, moulds, oomycetes, and mushrooms. Mycobiology is the official publication of the Korean Mycological Society.

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