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Shaping Future Port and Shipping

Guest editor: Jasmine Siu Lee Lam, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Published by Maritime Policy & Management

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The world is experiencing a faster rate of change in technology and policy reforms. The maritime industry faces a lot of new challenges and opportunities at the same time. Researchers and scholars in the maritime and related fields play a part in shaping future port and shipping by conducting research studies that create new ideas and knowledge. This virtual special issue of ‘Shaping Future Port and Shipping’ selects a collection of articles in MPM that develop forward-looking research topics. Interesting concepts, approaches, and results can be found from these articles. While maritime research is moving forward, there is room for much more to be done. However, it is exactly why conducting maritime research is exciting. We are eager to see more pioneering research contributions in future MPM issues.

Title Author
Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative in the Indian subcontinent under future port development scenarios Xiao Ruan, Yapa Mahinda Bandara, Jun-Yeop Lee, Paul Tae-Woo Lee & Prem Chhetri
Port system evolution – the emergence of second-tier hubs Jason Monios, Gordon Wilmsmeier & Adolf K. Y. Ng
A new rule-based integrated decision making approach to container transshipment terminal selection Cigdem Kadaifci, Umut Asan, Seyda Serdarasan & Umut Arican
Assessment of investment decision in the dry bulk shipping market based on real options thinking and the shipping cycle perspective Jingbo Yin, Yijie Wu & Linjun Lu
Next generation mega container ports: implications of traffic composition on sea space demand Wei Yim Yap &Hui Shan Loh
Dynamics and interdependencies among different shipping freight markets Kevin X. Li, Yi Xiao, Shu-Ling Chen, Wei Zhang, Yuquan Du & Wenming Shi
Are the innovation processes in seaport terminal operations successful? Michele Acciaro, Claudio Ferrari, Jasmine SL Lam, Rosario Macario, Athena Roumboutsos, Christa Sys, Alessio Tei & Thierry Vanelslander

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