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Journals by Subjects

Emerging Microbes & Infections
Impact Factor: 13.2 (2022)
Emerging Microbes & Infections publishes research related to emerging infectious diseases, including epidemic surveillance, drug discovery and vaccine development.   
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Expert Review of Vaccines
Impact Factor: 6.2 (2022)
A MEDLINE-indexed peer-reviewed journal providing expert commentary on the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines. Topics include vaccine technology, vaccine adjuvants, prophylactic vaccines, and therapeutic vaccines. It offers accelerated publication.
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Impact Factor: 7.2 (2022)
Oncoimmunology publishes international translational and clinical research into tumor immunology including anticancer therapies and immunotherapies.
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Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics
Impact Factor: 4.8 (2022)
Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics is an international journal of vaccinology and immunotherapy that publishes all aspects of work in these fields.
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Cancer Biology & Therapy
Impact Factor: 3.6 (2022)
Publishes articles on the molecular basis of cancer, including translational diagnostic relevance or therapy, reviews, op-ed pieces and meeting reports.
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Cancer Investigation
Impact Factor: 2.4 (2022)
Publishes original papers, essays, reports on new technologies, and reviews in the fields of translational and clinical oncology.It offers accelerated publication.
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The European Journal of General Practice
Impact Factor: 3.4 (2022)
Publishes open access research on medical decision-making, healthcare delivery, medical education, and research methodology for primary care practice.
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Annals of Medicine
Impact Factor: 4.4 (2022)

A peer-reviewed OA journal publishing across all areas of medicine as part of the Elevate Series

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Journal Title IF(2022) Best Quartile CiteScore(2022)
Pragmatic and Observational Research 8.9 / /
International Journal of Nanomedicine 8.0 Q1 14.0
Nanotechnology, Science and Applications 4.9 / 7.8
Annals of Medicine 4.4 Q2 4.1
Postgraduate Medicine 4.2 Q2 5.8
Clinical Interventions in Aging 3.6 Q3 6.8
The European Journal of General Practice 3.4 Q1 4.5
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 3.3 Q2 4.0
Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine 3.1 / /
The Application of Clinical Genetics 3.1 / /
Expert Review of Medical Devices 3.1 Q3 5.5
Stem Cells and Cloning: Advances and Applications 2.9 / /
Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2.8 Q3 4.8
Journal of Medical Economics 2.4 Q3 4.2
Prehospital Emergency Care 2.4 Q2 4.2
Canadian Journal of Pain Canadian Journal of Pain 2.4 / /
Libyan Journal of Medicine 2.4 Q3 3.1
International Journal of General Medicine 2.3 Q3 2.2
Current Medical Research and Opinion 2.3 Q3 4.2
Patient Preference and Adherence 2.2 Q3 3.5
Patient Related Outcome Measures 2.1 / /
Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care 2.1 Q3 3.8
Advances in Medical Education and Practice 2.0 / 2.9
Veterinary Medicine: Research and Reports 1.8 / /
Annals of Human Biology 1.7 Q2 2.9
The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 1.7 Q4 3.9
HIV Research & Clinical Practice 1.6 Q4 2.0
Open Access Emergency Medicine 1.5 / 2.3
Medical Devices: Evidence and Research 1.3 / 3.0
Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials 1.2 / 1.9
Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development 1.2 / 3.0
International Medical Case Reports Journal 0.9 1.2
Alexandria Journal of Medicine 0.9 / /

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents
Impact Factor: 6.6 (2022)
Publishing reviews and patent evaluations covering recent patent claims/applications on compounds with therapeutic potential, including biotherapeutics and small-molecule agents with specific molecular targets, and patenting trends in a therapeutic area. This journal offers accelerated publication.
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Pharmaceutical Biology
Impact Factor: 3.8 (2022)
Publishes open access research on natural medicines, biologically active natural products or their derivatives, and complex traditional medicine formulas.
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Drug Delivery
Impact Factor: 6.0 (2022)
Publishes open access research on oral, pulmonary, nasal, parental and transdermal drug delivery systems and conjugates, and drug entry and targeting.
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Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
Impact Factor: 3.4 (2022)
Publishes research on the design, development, manufacture, and evaluation of conventional and novel drug delivery systems. It offers accelerated publication.
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Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology
Impact Factor: 3.1 (2022)
Focuses on psychosomatic and psychosocial aspects of women’s health in various disciplines such as gynecology, obstetrics, nursing, psychiatry and psychology.
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Gynecological Endocrinology
Impact Factor: 2.0 (2022)
Publishes research on effects of endocrine glands and disorders, on reproduction in women and their implications in obstetrics and gynecology.
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Renal Failure
Impact Factor: 3.0 (2022)
Publishes research articles on acute kidney injury, including pathology, nephrotoxicity, and transplantation- and diabetes-induced renal failure.
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Computer Assisted Surgery
Impact Factor: 2.1 (2022)
Open-access, international journal for engineers and clinicians improving patient care with digital technologies in surgery, therapy and medical interventions.
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Global Public Health
Impact Factor: 3.3 (2022)
Global Public Health publishes research into public health, health access and global health policies, development, inequalities and management.
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Health, Risk & Society
Impact Factor: 2.1 (2022)
Health, Risk & Society publishes work on estimation and perception of risk to individuals and public healthcare and the policies and regulations affecting it.
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Journal Title IF(2022) Best Quartile CiteScore(2022)
Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters 6.0 Q1 4.0
International Journal of Transgender Health 4.6 Q1 8.3
Health Systems & Reform 4.1 Q1 5.8
Journal of Sex Research 3.6 Q1 7.2
Health Sociology Review 3.6 Q1 5.1
Risk Management and Healthcare Policy 3.5 Q2 4.5
Global Public Health 3.3 Q2 5.2
Ethnicity & Health 3.1 Q1 5.2
Critical Public Health 2.8 Q2 5.7
Journal of Interprofessional Care 2.7 Q3 4.5
Global Health Action 2.6 Q3 4.6
Journal of American College Health 2.4 Q2 4.5
Culture, Health & Sexuality 2.2 Q2 4.5
Health, Risk & Society 2.1 Q3 3.0
ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2.1 / 2.8
International Journal of Healthcare Management 2.1 / 4.5
International Journal of Sexual Health 2.0 Q2 2.8
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health and Well-being 1.8 Q3 2.8
AIDS Care 1.7 Q3 3.5
Progress in Palliative Care 1.7 / 1.9
Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety 1.6 / 2.4
Women & Health 1.6 Q2 2.7
Arts & Health: An International Journal For Research, Policy and Practice 1.4 Q4 3.8
Health Care For Women International 1.4 Q3 2.7
Home Health Care Services Quarterly 1.4 / 2.2
International Journal of Circumpolar Health 1.3 Q4 2.6
African Journal of Aids Research 1.2 Q4 2.1
SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS 1.1 Q4 2.3
Vulnerable Children & Youth Studies 1.1 / 2.3
Journal of Prevention & Intervention In The Community 1.1 / 2.4
Journal of Community Health Nursing 1.0 Q4 1.6
Children'S Health Care 0.9 Q4 1.8
Journal of Hiv/Aids & Social Services 0.7 / 1.4

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