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Math & Music

Articles from the Mathematical Association of America

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It is my pleasure and honor to invite you to travel with me on a mathematical musical journey celebrating beauty and logic at the intersection of math and music. Celebrate by listening to experimental music inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence (see the link below to the Spotify playlist for “In Flowers Through Space” by E. Scott Lindner) while taking a moment to read about connections between math and music in the curated articles from MAA publications below.

These articles are free to access until the 31st of January 2022. 

Journal Article Title Author(s)
The American Mathematical Monthly Music and Ternary Continued Fractions J. M. Barbour
The American Mathematical Monthly Musical Scales and the Generalized Circle of Fifths J. Clough, G. Myerson
The American Mathematical Monthly How Rare Is Symmetry in Musical 12-Tone Rows? D. J. Hunter and P. T. von Hippel
The American Mathematical Monthly Strahle’s Equal-Tempered Triumph L. Ramshaw
The American Mathematical Monthly Increasingly Enumerable Submonoids of R: Music Theory as a Unifying Theme M. Bras-Amorós
Magazine Article Title Author
Mathematics Magazine Wendy Carlos's Xenharmonic Keyboard. Jordan Schettler
Mathematics Magazine The Two Most Original Creations of the Human Spirit. Elmer B. Mode, Marlow Sholander
Mathematics Magazine Pianos and Continued Fractions. Edward Dunne, Mark McConnell
Mathematics Magazine The Golden Section and the Piano Sonatas of Mozart. John F. Putz
Mathematics Magazine Consonance and Congruence Charles W. Valentine
Mathematics Magazine On the Shape of a Violin Roel J. Stroeker


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