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Discover Taylor & Francis Marine Engineering Journals

Championing choice for researchers and authors

Taylor & Francis Marine Engineering journals publish research on all aspects of marine engineering including ocean technologies, shipping, offshore structures, coastal development, marine mineral resources, shore protection and ecosystem health. 

We want you to get to know our journals, not only to inspire and enrich your current research, but so that when it comes to publishing your own work, you already know which journal would help you reach an audience of engaged readers.

Explore the latest research from the below journals with free access to the 2019 and 2020 volumes available via this page until 31st October 2020.



Coastal Engineering Journal

2019 Impact Factor: 2.032

Publishes research in the fields of coastal, harbor and offshore engineering including waves and currents, coastal zone development and shore protection.

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Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology

2019 Impact Factor: 1.049

Publishes research on marine engineering and technology including fuel systems, energy saving technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation.

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Journal of Operational Oceanography

2019 Impact Factor: 4.040

Publishes international research into oceanography including weather prediction, climate forecasting, ocean technologies and policy, and ecosystem health.

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Marine Georesources & Geotechnology

2019 Impact Factor: 1.716

Publishing research applied to the scientific and engineering aspects, and the management and utilization, of seafloor sediments and rocks. The journal is intended for researchers and engineers, in both academia and industry, who seek solutions to problems in marine mineral resources and civil engineering.

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Ships and Offshore Structures

2019 Impact Factor: 1.470

The Journal covers the entire range of issues and technologies related to both ships (including merchant ships, war ships, polar ships etc.) and offshore structures (floating and fixed offshore platforms, offshore infrastructures, underwater vehicles etc.) with a strong emphasis on practical design, construction and operation.

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Your open access choices with Taylor & Francis

Open access is great for readers because it gives them immediate access to the latest research. But what are the advantages of publishing open access to the author?
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