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Best Map Award 2016

Interactive video maps: A year in the life of Earth's CO2


 Bernhard JennyJohannes LiemBojan Šavrič & William M. Putman

Journal of Maps, Volume 12, 2016 - Issue 1
Published online:  08 Mar 2016

The main component of video maps is a video stream that is areally georeferenced to a spatial reference system in the same way rectified raster orthoimages are georeferenced. The areal georeference allows for interactivity that goes beyond the play, pause, and stop functionality of video player software. We highlight two types of functionality, allowing the user to (1) combine the video stream layer with other raster and vector map layers and (2) adjust the projection of the map in real time.


Interactive video maps: A year in the life of Earth's CO2

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