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ICMR2018 Conference Special Issue: Manufacturing Research

Submission Deadline 31st March 2019


Production & Manufacturing Research continues a series of special issues arising from discussions and sessions at the International Conference on Manufacturing Research, held on the 11th - 13th of September in 2018. This Special Issue aims to deal with a wide range of manufacturing research topics.

Special Instructions for Authors

The papers submitted to this Special Issue must be differentiated from those presented to the conference, Production & Manufacturing Research are especially interested in papers that deal with changes to topics discussed since papers were submitted for the conference. This Special Issue is also an opportunity for authors to expand their papers and research, where they may have been limited by page limits for conference sessions. Authors are also able to use a 40% discount on the article publishing charge, by using the code TPMR-ICMR-2019 - find out more information about submitting to the journal here.

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Production & Manufacturing Research

The journal fosters innovation, debate, and collaboration across production and manufacturing research.

Language: en-US

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Without constraining the range of topics that are potentially suitable for inclusion in the special issue, we offer the following as examples:

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing Servitisation
  • Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Manufacturing Ergonomics
  • Smart Factories
  • Digital Engineering
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Ultra-precision and Micro Manufacturing
  • ICT-enabled Collaborative Global Manufacturing
  • Design and Cost Engineering
  • Re-distributed Manufacturing
  • High-Value Manufacturing
  • Robots in Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Manufacturing Optimisation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing research in Industry
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Engineering and Product Design
  • Inspection and measurement


Professor Keith Case, Loughborough University, UK: K.case@lboro.ac.uk

Dr Peter Thorvold, University of Skovde, Sweden: peter.thorvald@his.se