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International Journal of Production Research
Publishes leading research on manufacturing and production engineering, logistics, production economics and production strategy.
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Production Planning & Control
Publishes research on all aspects of operations management including supply chain management and business improvement.
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International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications
Publishing on all aspects of logistics and supply chain management, including inventory, outsourcing, procurement, simulation, sustainability, and more.
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Materials and Manufacturing Processes
Publishes research on use of raw materials, energy and process efficiency, control, and technology for new manufacturing techniques, processes and automation.
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International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics
Publishes research on operations management and logistics including both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as operational research.
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International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Publishing theory and applications of computer integrated manufacturing, spanning automation and control, mechanical, software and computer engineering.
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Richard Goodman – Portfolio Manager

Climate change is forcing governments and businesses to explore mitigation strategies to avoid future catastrophe. There is an urgent need to manage climate change risks in global supply chains.

Uncertainties of supply and demand are two major sources of risk in any supply chain. As a result, the companies are implementing different strategies to mitigate the effects of these risks. Supplier diversification and responsive pricing are two of the main strategies that are used to mitigate the supply and demand risks.

Fairness is an important topic that forms part of an organisation’s sustainability practice and agenda, particularly from a social dimension. However, past studies have rarely considered the role of fairness as a driver of sustainability in multi-tier supply chains. The purpose of this paper is two-fold.

This paper explores and rationalises the process of servitization adoption across manufacturing firms. A Delphi research methodology has been applied to capture evidence and opinion from 33 senior executives, in 28 different sized organisations, from a cross section of British industry.

Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies with a highly disruptive potential, yet many aspects of this innovation remain unclear in the current body of research. One of them is the whole adoption and diffusion process of blockchain technology, which needs more attention from researchers.

This paper aims to bridge the knowledge gap in the existing literature on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Fintech. It begins by clarifying the definition of these concepts. Through a systematic review and case studies in the supply chain industry, this paper brings out the applications, the benefits/value, and the challenges/issues of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Fintech in several industries.

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