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ACCESS the Mathematical Association of America Most-Read Article Collection

We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from the Mathematical Association of America's four periodical publications, that Taylor & Francis now publishes. Each of these articles has been selected from content published in the last two years, and is free to view until June 2019, exclusively via this page!

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Article AuthorVol.Iss.
The Circle Problem of Gauss and the Divisor Problem of Dirichlet—Still UnsolvedBruce C. Berndt, Sun Kim, Alexandru Zaharescu1252 (2018)
Partnership, Partition, and Proof: The Path to the Hardy–Ramanujan Partition FormulaAdrian Rice1251 (2018)
Cauchy’s Residue Sore ThumbHarold P. Boas1251 (2018)
A New Extension of the Riemann IntegralC. Bryan Dawson1252 (2018)
Multiplying and Factoring MatricesGilbert Strang1253 (2018)
The Harmonic Series DivergesÁngel Plaza1253 (2018)
is Not 1.41421356237 or Anything of the SortEli Leher1254 (2018)
An Interesting Construction ProblemRussell A. Gordon, José Carlos Santos1253 (2018)
Pascal FunctionsMichael Maltenfort1252 (2018)
The Continuous Binomial Coefficient: An Elementary ApproachDavid Salwinski1253 (2018)
Article AuthorVol.Iss.
The Early (and Peculiar) History of the Möbius FunctionWilliam Dunham912 (2018)
Distinguishing the Plane from the Punctured Plane Without HomotopyFrédéric Mynard911 (2018)
Proof Without Words: On Sums of Squares and TrianglesAndrzej Piotrowski911 (2018)
A Functional Equation View of an Addition RuleMihály Bessenyei, Gréta Szabó911 (2018)
Some Taylor Series without Taylor's TheoremMark Dalthorp912 (2018)
Of Puzzles and Partitions: Introducing PartitiAndrés Eduardo Caicedo, Brittany Shelton911 (2018)
The Reciprocal Fibonacci FunctionMichael Lord912 (2018)
An Appreciation of the First Book of SphericsR. S. D. Thomas911 (2018)
Darboux Sums and the Sum of the Alternating Harmonic SeriesFrancisco Sánchez, José María Sanchis912 (2018)
Staircase SeriesTom Edgar912 (2018)

The College Mathematics Journal Most Read

Article AuthorVol.Iss.
The Calculus Behind Generic Drug EquivalenceStanley R. Huddy, Michael A. Jones491 (2018)
Euler's Sine Product Formula: An Elementary ProofDavid Salwinski492 (2018)
The Falling Ladder Paradox RevisitedBrittany A. Burke, Zach Jackson, Steven J. Kifowit491 (2018)
Proof Without Words: A Sum Computed by Self-SimilarityYukio Kobayashi49 1 (2018)
Five Families Around a Well: A New Look at an Old ProblemEzra Brown, Matthew Crawford493 (2018)
Triple Integrals for the Sketching-ImpairedWm. Douglas Withers491 (2018)
Factoring Numbers with Conway’s 150 MethodArthur T. Benjamin492 (2018)
Designing Koch-Like CurvesVincent J. Matsko491 (2018)
Is a Taylor Series also a generalized Fourier Series?Wojciech Kossek49 1 (2018)
A Fourth Century Theorem for Twenty-First Century CalculusAndrew Leahy492 (2018)
Article AuthorVol.Iss.
Abstracting the Rubik’s CubeRoice Nelson254 (2018)
Challenging Knight’s ToursArthur T. Benjamin, Sam K. Miller253 (2018)
Albrecht Dürer’s Celestial GeometryStephen Luecking253 (2018)
Mathematical PotpourriSid Kolpas, Stu Ockman253 (2018)
Exploring Real Data A Look at AirbnbAmanda Francis, Eric Sullivan253 (2018)
Prime Sum and Difference SudokuDavid Nacin254 (2018)
The Goldilocks of Number SystemsBrian J. Shelburne254 (2018)
The PlaygroundGary Gordon, Glen Whitney254 (2018)
MathCap HistoryJanet Mowat254 (2018)
Playing with BlocksMatthew McMullen254 (2018)