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This special digital issue celebrates the intersection of math and art.  The beauty of mathematics can be seen in the arts.  The Mathematical Association of America hopes that you will enjoy this special digital issue devoted to mathematics and the arts. All featured papers on Taylor & Francis Online are free to view, exclusively via this page until the end of February, 2020.

The American Mathematical Monthly
Two Theorems, Two Sculptures, Two Posters
H. Ferguson
Classical Mathematics
Jim Henle
The Mathematics of Musical Instruments
R. W. Hall and K. Josić
Musical Actions of Dihedral Groups
A. S. Crans, T. M. Fiore, and R. Satyendra
The Image of a Square
A. Crannell, M. Frantz, F. Futamura
The College Mathematics Journal
Dinner Tables and Concentric Circles: A Harmony of Mathematics, Music, and Physics
Jack Douthett and Richard J. Krantz
The Shad-Fack Transom
Annalisa Crannell
Sets, Planets, and Comets
Mark Baker, Jane Beltran, Jason Buell, Brian Conrey, Tom Davis, Brianna Donaldson, Jeanne Detorre-Ozeki, Leila Dibble, Tom Freeman, Robert Hammie, Julie Montgomery, Avery Pickford, and Justine Wong
Dividing the Circle
Pedro J. Freitas and Hugo Tavares
Prelude to Musical Geometry
Brian J. McCartin
Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
For extra reading on Mathematics and the Arts, browse these articles from Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
Marjorie Rice and the MAA tiling
Doris Schattschneider
Intersecting squares: applied geometry in the architecture of Timurid Samarkand
Mamoun Sakkal
Topology-disturbing objects: a new class of 3D optical illusion
Kokichi Sugihara
Mad weave
Paul Gailiunas
A Pajarita Puzzle Cube in papiroflexia
Robert J. Lang

Also explore these papers in MAA's online journal, Convergence, edited by Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and Janet Barnett.