Life Sciences

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Life Sciences

at Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis is proud to support and amplify research that is designed to address many of the greatest needs affecting our global society.

As recognised by the UNs Sustainability Development Goals, research in the fields of Life Science has a tremendously important part to play in combating climate change and inequality, and in delivering prosperity for our planet.

In this context, Taylor & Francis publishes a broad range of journals across the Life Sciences, which address key issues, such as Life on Land and Life Below Water as well as conservation, call sciences, genetics and much more. 

Click on the links below to explore our range of journals in the different subject areas that collectively comprise our Life Sciences portfolio.

Life on Land

Embryology, animal evolution, species classification, animal distribution, animal behaviour, animal physiology, animal ecology, terrestrial ecosystems, sustainable forests, biodiversity loss, endemism, rare, endangered and threatened species, and more...
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Microbiology & Biotechnology

CRISPR, genome, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, microalgae, machine learning (AI), drug discovery, waste management, biotechnology, bioenergy, metagenomics, biofilm, environmental microbiology, food safety and security and more...
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Life Below Water

Marine ecology, marine and coastal ecosystems, coral reefs, marine pollution, species extinction, organism-environment interaction, freshwater ecosystems; lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, bogs, and wetlands, lentic and lotic ecosystems and more...
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Food & Agriculture

Food Security, Climate Change, Conservation, Sustainability, Precision Agriculture, Food Production, Technology, Nutrition, Soil Science, Contamination, Horticulture and more...
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Toxicology & Environmental Health

Risk Assessment; Exposure Assessment; Toxicology; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Epidemiology; Environmental Modelling and more...
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Cell & Molecular Biology

cell, model organism, CRISPR, exosome, autophagy, adhesion, cytomixis, tetraethyllead, GSK-3, GPR183, tribolium, ATP, single cell sequencing, gene, genetics, and more...
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Plant & Forestry Science

Forestry; Forest biology; Silviculture; Forest engineering; Forest products; Phycology; Botany; Plant Ecology; Plant biology; Phytopathology; Ecosystems; Phytoremediation; Bryology; Mycology and more...
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Biodiversity & Conservation

Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Ecosystem, Animal interactions, Climate change, Evolutionary biology, Sustainability, Restoration, Environmental degradation, Desertification and more...
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Integrated pest management, insects, insecticides, agriculture, pollinators, insect classification, insect distributions, seasonal activity patterns, social insects, insect borne diseases, apiculture, ticks and mites, aquatic insects and more...
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Discover All Life

Submit your research to a broad-scope open access journal. Publishing all scientifically valid research in support of the UNSDGs for positive societal impact.
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#PlantSocial Award

Add a new award from a well known global publisher to your CV. Share your research for an opportunity to win the Taylor & Francis #PlantSocial Award.
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SDG Call for Papers

How will your research support global sustainability? Submit to our series of Special Issues in Earth & Environmental Sciences addressing the UNSDGs.
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