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Special Issue: Overcoming the challenges of space environment

Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part C: Toxicology and Carcinogenesis

Submission Deadline
1 November 2020

About this Special Issue

NASA’s space program is scheduled to send humans on long-duration missions outside of low Earth orbit, such as the lunar orbit, sometime within the next decade. During those missions, crew members will be exposed to several environmental stressors that can negatively impact their health. Exposure to microgravity leads to fluid shifts, increased intracranial pressure, and bone and muscle loss. In addition, astronauts in deep space missions will be exposed to chronic low doses of ionizing radiation. Under these conditions, the nucleus of every cell in the body will likely encounter a proton or secondary electron every few days and an ion with a high atomic number and high energy (HZE) once a month. Although the incidence of HZE-particle passage may seem low compared to protons or secondary electrons, the high ionization potential of HZE particles makes them significant contributors to biological damage, and animal models have shown that HZE radiation is associated with increased risks of cancer and degenerative effects in organs such as the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Currently, there is no clear consensus on permissible radiation exposure limits, and pharmacological or dietary countermeasures that may reduce risks from radiation and microgravity have not yet been developed.

This Special Issue will focus on the most recent understanding of biological and toxicological effects associated with the influence of space environment. This subject, although mostly neglected in modern toxicology, represents an important aspect of how the environment can affect human health.

Submission Information

All prospective authors are strongly encouraged to contact the Editors (Drs. Boerma and Koturbash) prior to preparing their articles in order to avoid duplication in covered topics.

Marjan Boerma, PhD
Division of Radiation Health,
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 W Markham Str, Slot 522-10
Little Rock, AR, 72205
Phone: 1-501-686-6599
Email: [email protected]

Igor Koturbash, MD, PhD
Email: [email protected]


Submission Deadline Date: 1 November 2020

Proposed Publication Date: March 2021