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Our leading portfolio in Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences is at the forefront of disseminating knowledge across areas of Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Environment and Sustainability to assist researchers and academics to use this knowledge for the benefit of humankind.  

With our diverse selection of content written by experts in the field, and publications in partnership with numerous organizations on a national level, our range of journals, books and e-books aims to play an integral role in providing fundamental knowledge and disseminating research to help our readers develop an essential understanding of the field. 

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    Meet the Editor Series

    Man looking upwards in a forest.

    Meet the Editor: Professor Kim Hyun Seok

    We speak to Prof. Kim Hyun Seok, a notable figure in Forest Science and Environmental Studies and Editor-in-Chief of Forest Science and Technology. Here, he shares the implications of global warming to the environment and how early researchers can contribute to the field.

    Dr Gregory Giuliani

    Meet the Editor: Dr Gregory Giuliani

    In this edition of our series, we speak to Dr Gregory Giuliani, Editor of International Journal of Digital Earth as he shares the importance of his field of work, his day-to-day role as an editor and the contributions of Digital Earth research to today’s issue of climate change.

    Prof. Claudia Baldwin

    Meet the Editor: Professor Claudia Baldwin

    In this inaugural interview, we speak to Prof. Claudia Baldwin, Associate Editor of Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. She shares insights into her research focus, and tips to help early career researchers publish and advance in their careers.

    Spotlight on Fukushima: Exploring the Legacy and Lessons of the 2011 Nuclear Disaster

    Despite approval by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that the recent release of Fukushima’s wastewater is safe, the decision has reignited debates and concerns surrounding radiation, environmental contamination, and the long-term impact on ecosystems and human health. The aftermath of the 2011 incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant continues to resonate globally. It is imperative that academic research plays a vital role in fostering international dialogue, facilitating knowledge exchange, and informing policy improvements.

    In this free to access collection, we have handpicked select articles that cover research surrounding the Fukushima disaster, shedding light on diverse aspects of its aftermath. From monitoring radiation levels using unmanned helicopters to exploring the forest edge effect in contaminated areas, this collection offers an examination of the ecological, agricultural, and societal implications of the Fukushima disaster.

    Radiation monitoring using an unmanned helicopter in the evacuation zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
    Exploration Geophysics
    by Yukihisa Sanada, Atsuya Kondo, Takeshi Sugita et al.

    Forest edge effect in a radioactivity contaminated forest in Fukushima, Japan
    Journal of Forest Research
    by Naohiro Imamura, Masahiro Kobayashi & Shinji Kaneko

    Radiocaesium accumulation in rice cultivars in a low-potassium paddy field in Fukushima
    Plant Production Science
    by Siyu Gong, Hideki Ishii & Keisuke Nemoto

    Radioactive Cs transfer to vegetables after the FDNPP accident
    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
    by Takuro Shinano, Satoshi Asaeda, Saeko Yashiro et al.

    Potassium fertilizer and other materials as countermeasures to reduce radiocesium levels in rice: Results of urgent experiments in 2011 responding to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
    by Naoto Kato, Nobuharu Kihou, Shigeto Fujimura et al.

    Climate policies after Fukushima: three views
    Climate Policy
    by Jim Skea , Stefan Lechtenböhmer & Jusen Asuka

    Accumulation of radioactive caesium in the Japanese eel Anguilla japonica in Northeast Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident
    International Journal of Environmental Studies
    by Takaomi Arai

    Disaster resilience in aging populations: lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami
    Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
    by Ichiro Kawachi, Jun Aida, Hiroyuki Hikichi & Katsunori Kondo

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    Looking to house your next research? Make your impact count in this specially curated list of journals!

    International Journal of Food Properties

    Open-access research on food properties like food measurement methods; food property data, databases, artificial intelligence applications; and food technology.
    View journal

    Emu – Austral Ornithology

    Publishes research on ornithology of the Southern hemisphere and adjacent tropics, including the biology of birds, conservation, migration and management.
    View journal

    New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research

    International research in marine, estuarine and freshwater environments of southern regions, including ecology, aquatic science and hydrology. 
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    Open access research on bioengineering in life science and environment, including bioprocesses, biomaterials, micro RNA and other biomolecules, and cancer.
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    SDG Article Collections

    Explore these collections that highlight key topics and discussions in the field of Land Use, Climate & Sustainability, and Adaptation. Expand each tab to access research related to various Sustainable Development Goals below.

    Climate and Sustainable Finance Collection from TFO: Pennies in a jar surrounding a growing plant
    Just Transition and Climate Justice
    SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
    SDG 13: Climate Action

    Climate and Sustainable Finance
    SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
    SDG 13: Climate Action

    International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development: Vol 14, No 1
    SDG 13 Climate Action

    Applied Phycology for Sustainable Development
    SDG 3: Good health
    SDG 13: Climate action
    SDG 14: Life below water

    Adaptation Collection from TFO: Three women walk down a rural road carrying wood on their heads
    Land Use
    SDG 15: Life on Land

    Sustainable Development Goals: Forest Engineering
    SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
    SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
    SDG 13: Climate Action
    SDG 15: Life on Land

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    Open Access Books

    Ecological Limits of Development

    Plants as Medicine and Aromatics

    Plant As Medicine and Aromatics

    Pharmacognosy, Ecology and Conservation

    Bioenergy Crops for Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

    The Temporalities of Waste

    The Temporalities of Waste

    Out of Sight, Out of Time

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      Sustainability Development Goals Online

      A curated library to support United Nations’ call to protect the planet, end poverty, fight inequality and injustice.

      The SDG Online collection includes more than 12,000 of the most important and relevant book chapters and journal articles, published under the Routledge and CRC Press imprints, in an online library covering all 17 SDGs. The collection also features new multi-format teaching and learning resources, including core essays, presentations, videos, case studies, teaching guides, and lesson plans.
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      Blog: Implementing Behavioral Change in the Fight Against Climate Change

      The reality is that: “Despite the importance and gravity of this phenomenon, little research has examined the willingness of individuals to change their behaviour to mitigate the problem of climate change.”

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      Blog: How can policy makers be globally inclusive when it comes to sustainability?

      We speak to 11 researchers who have focused their scholarship on sustainability. Their suggestions range from a reconceptualization of sustainability to debt cancellation, while examining current roadblocks and providing a path to understanding.

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