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Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials

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These papers from 2017 and 2018 are listed as the top read articles of Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials.

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Article Title Author
Effects of supplementary cementitious materials on mechanical and durability properties of high-performance non-shrinking grout (HPNSG) Alireza Joshaghani, Mohammad Amin Moeini, Mohammad Balapour, Alireza Moazenian
Binding gel characterization of alkali-activated binders based on palm oil fuel ash (POFA) and fly ash Nurulhuda Nadziri, Idawati Ismail, Sinin Hamdan
Mechanical and microstructural characterization of recycled aggregate concrete containing silica nanoparticles Bibhuti Bhusan Mukharjee, Sudhirkumar V. Barai
Engineering and environmental performance of eco-efficient self-consolidating concrete (Eco-SCC) with low powder content and recycled concrete aggregate J. Hu, I. Levi Souza, F. Cortês Genarini
Improving quality of coarse recycled aggregates through cement coating Fernando Martirena, Taimí Castaño, Adrian Alujas, Rubén Orozco-Morales, Lesday Martinez & Stefan Linsel
Yield stress and strength of saline cemented tailings materials in sub-zero environments: slag-paste backfill Haiqiang Jiang, Mamadou Fall
Effects of steel fibre and silica fume on impact behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete Ebrahim Nazarimofrad, Faiz Uddin Ahmed Shaikh, Mahmoud Nili
Shear friction in recycled aggregate concrete Nikhil Shejwadkar, Bhupinder Singh, Shakeel Ahmad Waseem
Crack sealing capacity in chloride-rich environments of mortars containing different cement substitutes and crystalline admixtures Ruben P. Borg, Estefania Cuenca, Enrico Maria Gastaldo Brac, Liberato Ferrara
Numerical modeling on the influence of particle shape on ITZ’s microstructure and macro-properties of cementitious composites: a critical review Huisu Chen, Zhigang Zhu, Jianjun Lin, Wenxiang Xu, Lin Liu