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Nuclear-Pandemic Nexus Scenarios

Introduction to 75th Anniversary of the
Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Supplement Issue

Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

This issue of J-PAND presents the expert papers commissioned to support the virtual nuclear-pandemic nexus scenarios workshop in 2020. The editors believe that a transformation of the structures of international relations and the distribution of power caused by the pandemic may be underway. The resulting implications for nuclear weapons, for nuclear arms control and risk reduction, and for nuclear disarmament could be profound. This conclusion made it imperative to investigate how the pandemic might affect nuclear risk and disarmament and led to the commissioning of the fifteen specialist papers included in this special issue. Each paper presents in depth a critical issue that the fifty scenarios participants needed to know about, including the nature of pandemics, the link between nuclear weapons and other existential threats such as climate change, the impacts of this pandemic on conventional and nuclear militaries, the status of nuclear weapons in the East Asia region, nuclear risk reduction measures such as modernized hotlines, etc. As Moon Chung-in--one of the authors of the essays in this collection--stated, the pandemic makes it imperative to “conjugate” these separate knowledge domains in ways rarely attempted by scholars or policy practitioners. It followed that our response must be cross-disciplinary and multi-sectoral in nature. We hope this volume serves that purpose.

Title Author
Introduction to 75th Anniversary of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing Supplement Issue on the Nuclear-Pandemic Nexus Scenarios Peter Hayes, Chung-in Moon, Tatsujiro Suzuki & Fumihiko Yoshida
Pandemic Futures and Nuclear Weapon Risks: The Nagasaki 75th Anniversary pandemic-nuclear nexus scenarios final report Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University (RECNA), Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN) & Nautilus Institute
Let Nagasaki Be the Last! Nineteen Pandemic-Nuclear Nexus Policy Measures in Northeast Asia Michael Hamel-Green, Peter Hayes, Yongsoo Hwang, Angela Kane, Chung-in Moon, Masao Tomonaga & Frank von Hippel
Pandemics Nicholas Mascie Taylor & Kazuhiko Moji
The Role of Cities as the First Responder to Pandemics: Focusing on the Case of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Changwoo Shon
Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines: Cooperation around Research and Production Capacity Is Critical David G Legge & Sun Kim
Extended Deterrence and Extended Nuclear Deterrence in a Pandemic World Allan Behm
Taking Forward the Dialogue on Nuclear Risk Reduction Petr Topychkanov
The Impact of a Regional Nuclear Conflict between India and Pakistan: Two Views G. D. Hess
Nuclear Hotlines: Origins, Evolution, Applications Steven E. Miller
Hotlines between Two Koreas: Status, Limitations, and Future Tasks Chung-in Moon & Seung-Chan Boo
Nuclear Deadlock, Stalled Diplomacy: The Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Alternative – Proposals, Pathways, Prospects Michael Hamel-Green
Hope Becomes Law: The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the Asia-Pacific Region Richard Tanter
Voices of Nagasaki after 75 Years Masao Tomonaga
Cold War Discourse and Geopolitical Flashpoints in Post-Covid-19 Northeast Asia Chung-in Moon, Soo Yeon Jeong & Samuel Gardner
Covid 19 and its labor demand, migration, and military force structure implications in East Asia Brian Nichiporuk
The DPRK’s Covid-19 Outbreak and Its Response Young-Jeon Shin
Asia-Pacific Perspective on Biological Weapons and Nuclear Deterrence in the Pandemic Era Miles Pomper & Richard Pilch
U.S. Planning for Pandemics and Large-Scale Nuclear War Lynn Eden
The U.S. Election and Nuclear Order in the Post-Pandemic World Leon V. Sigal

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