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Journal of Natural History

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Journal of Natural History has recognised strengths in entomology and marine invertebrates, but also welcomes papers on the natural history of all animal species and on the interactions of species with their environment. 

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Editor in Chief - Dr Andrew Polaszek

Andrew is a Research Scientist (Hymenoptera), Insects Division, Dept of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London. Insect systematics and evolution, particularly evolution of host/parasitoid relationships in plant-feeders and parasitoids. The ecological impact of invasive insects and their natural enemies, especially in relation to island ecosystems. Conservation of natural enemies and pollinators. Applied entomology with reference to the tropics, biological control and integrated pest management. Insect identification and information database systems. Reformation and modernisation of animal systematics and nomenclature, including the development of a universal register for animal names and nomenclatural acts.

Highlighted publications
Take a read of Andrews co authored article.  Wallaceaphytis: an unusual new genus of parasitoid wasp (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) from Borneo.

Dr Andrew Kelly

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Goliath frogs build nests for spawning – the reason for their gigantism? Marvin Schäfer, Sedrick Junior Tsekané, F. Arnaud M. Tchassem, Sanja Drakulić, Marina Kameni, Nono L. Gonwouo & Mark-Oliver Rödel
A remarkable example of suspected Batesian mimicry of Gaboon Vipers (Reptilia: Viperidae: Bitis gabonica) by Congolese Giant Toads (Amphibia: Bufonidae: Sclerophrys channingi) Eugene R. Vaughan, Mark S. Teshera, Chifundera Kusamba, Theresa R. Edmonston & Eli Greenbaum
Do zebra stripes influence thermoregulation? Alison Cobb, Stephen Cobb

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