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Best Map Award

Best Map of 2019

Mapping citizens’ emotions: participatory planning support system in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Jiří Pánek, Bohumil Ptáček (cartographer)

Journal of Maps, Volume 15, 2019 - Issue 1
Published online: 11 Dec 2018

It is with great pleasure that we announce "Mapping citizens’ emotions: participatory planning support system in Olomouc, Czech Republic" has been awarded our "Best Map" of 2019. We had an excellent range of maps submitted this year that were diverse and innovative. As a result they generated much discussion among the awards panel. The map presented in this paper describes the deployment of an "Emotional Maps" platform for the collection and visualisation of spatial data related to the participatory planning of public space. The map particularly impressed due to the VGI nature of the data, difficulty of mapping this type of information and the clean and slick design. It is a worthy winner.


Printscreen of the web-app used for crowdsourcing the data
Participatory mapping of citizens´ perceptions in urban environment
Journal of Maps journal cover

The History of the Best Map Award

As Journal of Maps has grown since it was first published in 2005 we have established a growing back catalogue of articles, with maps covering many countries and, indeed, planets. From 2008 we have initiated a “Best Map” award to be presented to the single best contribution to the journal in the year it was published. Contributions are judged upon both their academic content and cartographic quality. It is neither the best academic paper nor the best designed map, but a combination of qualities from both areas. The winners of the award will, where financially and technically feasible, see their map published as part of a limited 200 copy print run which will be made available for sale “at cost”.

Please see as follows for the most recent winner of the Best Map Award, and each winning map since the award's inception.


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