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Deadline: 30 December 2019

State-of-the-Art Technology for Small Business in emerging and developing markets:

Awareness, Adoption and Apparent Challenges

A significant number of growing business enterprises perceive cutting edge technologies, encapsulated in machines/systems, learning, social media and digital aids as critical enablers and necessities for maintaining business advantage over competitors. Without any doubt, advancements in technology touch every business process, operation, and strategy, and enhance automation.  Small business enterprises can reap the full benefit of technological advancement as much as the large established companies by selecting the right business and associated technologies. In today's competitive business landscape, growing small business with smart cutting-edge technology can create and maintain strategies, and set the stage for long term growth and market leadership.

Despite the importance of advanced technologies and the significant operational benefits and competitive advantage associated with it, most small businesses are often at a crossroads with their approach to investment in cutting edge technologies.  They are constrained by the time and budget to be at the forefront of the latest trends. Others cannot distinguish between what is a must-have and a nice to have technology that can enhance effective competition in the marketplace.  Some key questions to ask include: What is the cost of the technology? What training is required to use it? Will the technology allow the business to keep its existing processes and operations? What impacts will the technology have on its current and future customers? What strategy is needed to implement and realize the full benefits of technological innovations while avoiding the consequences of failure in the marketplace?

The purpose of this special issue is to ensure a deep understanding of the cutting edge/advanced technologies available to small business enterprises in emerging and developing economies. We welcome studies and researches on technology creation and implementation, and the effects, challenges, and implications on the process and product development, and operations and supply chain in emerging and developing economies. Other aspects of interests include quality technical and methodological papers that explore entrepreneurship and policy effects of cutting-edge technologies, and any topics on the impacts of advanced technologies on small businesses.

Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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The following themes are of interest, however all submissions that address the substantive area are welcome:

  • Advanced Technology and Costs of Business Operations
  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Social Business
  • Cutting-Edge/Advanced Technology and Customers Relations
  • Operational Benefits of Cutting-Edge Technology to Small Business
  • Competitiveness and Advanced/Cutting Edge Technology
  • Cutting Edge Technology and Organisational Communication Network
  • Quality of Management Services and Cutting-edge/advanced Technology
  • Strategic Business Decision and Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Cultural Issues in Technological change
  • Human Resources Issues in Cutting-edge technology adoption
  • Digitalization and small business development

Guest Editors

Ikpe Justice Akpan, Ph.D., Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Associate Professor of Information Systems, Kent State University, USA.

Elijah Abasifreke Paul Udoh, Ph.D., Principal Economist, Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja.

Bamidele Adebisi, Ph.D., Professor of Intelligent Infrastructure Systems and Head of Smart Infrastructure and Industry Research (SIIR) Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage authors to informally email an abstract or extended abstract to the Guest Editors prior to submitting the full paper. This will enable us to provide guidance on the paper’s fit with the special issue.

  • Full Manuscript Submission: December 30, 2019                                            
  • Revised Papers Resubmission: February 28, 2020
  • Final Decisions/Final Notification to Authors: June 30, 2020

All the accepted papers will be published online first, while the hardcopy of the Special Issue will publish after that. Please review the journal's Instructions for Authors prior to submitting your manuscript. In the online submission system, make sure you select this Special Issue: State-of-the-Art Technology for Small Business in emerging and developing markets.

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