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Deadline: 30 December 2019

Cutting Edge Technology for Small Business:

Awareness, Adoption and Challenges

Firms perceive that cutting-edge technologies (e.g. Big Data analytics, machine learning, Social Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain technology) are critical enablers that can potentially disrupt existing business models leading to competitive advantages over their rivals. For instance, we have experienced and will continue to experience how advances in digital technology have been embedded into various phases of business processes, operations, and strategy, and these will lead to further automation of business processes and even decision making.

However, small businesses are typically constrained by time, limited information/knowledge, and budget to be at the forefront of these latest trends and developments in technologies. Furthermore, when we consider the concept of cutting-edge technologies, firms, irrespective of size, find it difficult to distinguish between what is a “must-have” and a “nice to have” technology that can enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Given this landscape and context, some critical and initial questions naturally emerge for firms: What is the cost of the technology? What training will be required? Will the technology allow the business to use its existing processes and operations? At the outset here, one can conceive how small and large firms respectively go about answering these questions. Or, that some of these questions are more relevant to small firms than for large firms and vice-versa.  

This special issue aims to inspire ground-breaking research in the area of awareness, adoption, and challenges of the latest/new technologies for small businesses. We welcome both qualitative and quantitative research related to the fields of small businesses, entrepreneurship, information systems, innovation, technology development and operations management.

Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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The following themes are of interest, however all submissions that address the substantive and these related themes below are welcomed:

  • Internet of Things and Decision Engineering
  • Advanced Technology and Costs of Business Operations
  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Social Business
  • Cutting-Edge/Advanced Technology and Customers Relationship
  • Operational Benefits of Cutting-Edge Technology to Small Business
  • Competitiveness and Advanced/Cutting Edge Technology
  • Cutting Edge Technology and Organisational Communication Network
  • Quality Management and Cutting-Edge/Advanced Technology
  • Strategic Business Decision and the adoption of Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Cultural and organizational Issues and the process of organizational technological change
  • Human Resources Constraints in Cutting-edge Technology Adoption
  • Digitalization and Small Business Development
  • State of the Art and New Business Models using Cutting-Edge Technologies in Small Businesses
  • Success and Failure Factors associated with Cutting-Edge Technologies in Small Businesses
  • Legal and Political Issues related to Cutting-Edge Technologies (e.g., Privacy) in and for Small Businesses
  • The Benefits and Risks of Cutting-Edge Technologies in Small Businesses

Guest Editors

Ikpe Justice Akpan, Ph.D., Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Associate Professor of Information Systems, Kent State University, USA.

Didier Soopramanien, Ph.D., a Reader in Marketing at the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University, UK, and Visiting Professor at the International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

Austin Kwak, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Management & Information Systems, Kent State University, Ohio, USA.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage authors to informally email an abstract or extended abstract to the Guest Editors (please copy all three editors in your email) prior to submitting their full paper. This will enable us to provide guidance on your paper’s fit with the scope and intentions of the special issue.

  • Full Manuscript Submission: December 30, 2019                                             
  • Revised Papers Resubmission: February 28, 2020
  • Final Decisions/Final Notification to Authors: June 30, 2020

All the accepted papers will be published online first, while the hardcopy of the Special Issue will publish after that. Please review the journal's Instructions for Authors prior to submitting your manuscript. In the online submission system, make sure you select this Special Issue: Cutting Edge Technology for Small Businesses. The Author Services and further information, guidance, and FAQs are also available at JSBE website.

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