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Moshe Givoni Prize

Transport Reviews

About the prize

Named in Memory of Moshe Givoni, this prize has been set up to celebrate the contributions he made to transport research and to the running of Transport Reviews for over 10 years as Associate Editor. First presented in 2020, the award recognizes the outstanding scholarship of many of the papers published in the Journal. Each year, the Editors will select the best paper published in Transport Reviews over the previous calendar year. Winners receive a certificate, citation and a prize of €500.


We are delighted to announce that the 2020 Moshe Givoni Prize was awarded to Araz Taeihagh and Hazel Si Min Lim for their joint paper entitled 'Governing autonomous vehicles: Emerging responses for safety, liability, privacy, cybersecurity and industry risks. This paper was published in the 2019 Transport Reviews Special Issue on the Long Term Implications of Automated Vehicles. It was an outstanding contribution to the Journal as it took a balanced view of the benefits and the risks of AVs, reviewing the nature of the risks and the strategies that have been used to address them. It is international in its scope, highlighting the different approaches at the national levels and it identifies the general tendency of governments not to interfere with AV innovation. The paper also outlines important future research topics and the potential for unintended consequences if AVs are not seen as an integral part of the transport system.

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